Thursday, May 7, 2015

Mother's Day Guide

Mother's Day is upon us. Like in 3 days. I am pretty excited about this Mother's Day. Not only do I get to celebrate my amazing beautiful mom, but I also get to celebrate my mother-in-law and my FIRST Mother's Day.

I have dreamed about this day for a long time because it meant that I finally have a child or in my case, children. My mom always said I could never do anything "normal". I always do everything extraordinarily.

I can't wait til my girls are big enough to hand make me things to hang up at work. But in the meantime, they can spoil me (through their daddy). And don't worry, Father's Day is another month away and my husband will have a pretty awesome Father's Day. Already planning it out.

So first, my ideal day for Mother's Day.

I want to wake up and snuggle my girls. Since we have to work (I wish I could be a stay at home mom sometimes), we don't get enough cuddle time in the mornings. But on weekends we do. And on this weekend, I want extra snuggles in bed. Then I want to have a delicious breakfast. Something like eggs benedict or decadent french toast (carbs don't count on Mother's Day).

Then I want to go out and do something with my family. A walk, shopping, nice lunch or appetizers outside, picnic, go to the park or something with my family. And finally I would love to either go to dinner with my husband and kids or have him make me an awesome dinner...complete with wine.

Basically I just want to spend the entire day with my babies, husband and doggie.

Now onto the gift guide.

I have something up my sleeve for my mom, but I am not sure if she will read this post, so I will hold off on putting it on here. But I know she will love it.

But here is just a few items I would love for Mother's Day.
Mother's Day Gift Guide

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