Friday, May 1, 2015

Hello May!

It's Friday...finally. Some weeks fly by and some drag on. This week dragged on. Maybe it is due to me having to work all day today. Ugh, so spoiled with half day Fridays. But since little miss Sutton got pink eye this week, we have to make up the time (since I have little time off left).

And I am just getting around to writing this post because I was too busy this morning working and reading up on Interstellar. Which brings me to my five things. Join the link up here.

One. We watched Interstellar this week. It may have taken us two evenings to watch it, but we did. I wasn't so sure about it when we were at the Redbox kiosk since it has a PG-13 rating, but it did not disappoint. Get ready to sit back for three hours (or break it up like we had to) and get mind blown. Yes mind blown because there are so many layers to the plot line that it is confusing yet awesome. Just like Christopher Nolan's Inception. I really liked this movie, but this morning I needed a recap/analysis of the movie to get everything straight (still a great movie even though I needed this). Go visit this link for a great analysis that doesn't make you even more confused.

Two. I can't wait for the season finale of Secrets and Lies. Obsessed. I am sad that it is the season finale already, but have really enjoyed this show. Have you been watching it? Who is Tom's killer? Can't wait.

Three. I finally wore my new dress from Figure 8 Maternity on Monday and loved it. Really loved it. And I tried to take photos after work since my husband was sick at home with the babies, but time got a hold of me and darkness came and pictures didn't happen. I didn't want to post awful pictures, so I am wearing the dress again this weekend (love it that much) and will get some pictures to write my review. Spoiler as I said above, I love it.

Four. We got our invitation to my lovely friends wedding coming up in August where I am a bridesmaid (she was my Maid of Honor). We (husband and I) set up the bride (my friend) and groom (hubbs friend). I literally can not wait until their wedding. It is just a few days after my 2nd wedding anniversary (a time we can celebrate our own anniversary), I get to pamper myself with some of my favorite ladies and see who of my best friends get married. 

I finally pulled the trigger on going to her bachelorette party in July in sunny San Diego and I am beyond excited for this. I haven't been back to San Diego in years. Little known fact...I almost moved there right after college, but timing and money didn't work in my favor, so I stayed in Reno. Probably a good thing since I would have never met my husband and I wouldn't have my darling twin girls. Funny how life works itself out.

Five. Mother's Day is in a little over a week. This is my first Mother's Day. Last year, I had hoped we were pregnant by the time Mother's Day hit, but I didn't end up getting pregnant until the end of May. Now I get to celebrate my first one with my beautiful baby girls. Life is pretty awesome. I will put up a Mother's Day guide on what I would like to do all that day and what I wouldn't mind getting. 

And that's it. Happy Friday All.
Miss Avery chilling in her bouncer (because every post needs cute baby pictures)

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