Monday, October 26, 2015


Another weekend in the books. And it was a pretty good one. Busy, but good.

Friday I worked late to make up some time from my biopsy I had Wednesday. Then it was off to the pediatrician to get the girls their booster shots. They had a flu shot a month ago and they had to go in for their follow up booster. They cried, but it was over quickly.

After shots, we had a late (but small) lunch. Then it was off for a little walk with Walter and we got ourselves ready for family photos. We went to Rancho San Rafael park so we could capture the feel of Fall (so many trees are still so green here) and the little teaser we got is so stinking cute. I can't wait to see them all. We went home to change and then headed to dinner.

Saturday we went to breakfast and then got ready to go to the tailgate and football game. We forgot the girls' headphones and were so worried how they would do at the game, but their grandparents saved the day and picked them up for them. Little Miss Sutton was so tired and fighting her nap that she cried a bunch the first half of the game. My mom and I missed part of the first half, but then we got her to go to sleep and all was better. The girls watched the second half and cheered us on to a win. It was a much needed win by the Pack.
 The girls in their game day onesies

After the game, we headed home to hang out for a bit and then it was off to dinner. After our long day, we didn't feel like hitting the grocery store and cooking. Too much effort.

Sunday we got up bright and early to head to breakfast so we could head to our favorite place, Apple Hill.
Daddy and his girls

We headed to Apple Hill (late), but had a great day. It was just soooo busy. The girls slept in between stops, so we didn't get to get their cutesy photos like I hoped. Plus Sutton had a blowout on the drive over (about 2 hour drive) so she wasn't in her Osh Kosh skirt overall like her sister anymore. I sadly didn't get any photos of the ladies, but I am sure some of my family did. Total mom fail there.

We went to Grandpa's Cellar for some pie and apple cinnamon sauce. Then we headed to O'Hallorans Ranch for some apples and the pumpkin patch. Next we headed to Boa Vista Orchards where we bought some apples, nuts and honey sticks. We usually try some wines there, but it was too packed to carry a baby around that area. Finally, we headed to High Hill Ranch for the famous delicious apple donuts. We bought said donuts and went into the fudge shop, but you couldn't even move around in there. I wanted to get some fudge (like we do every year) but it was too pack and way to hot in there. We looked around at all the crafts and almost bought a few things, but they didn't have the right ornaments or stockings for the girls. Too bad. Next year.
Crumb Apple Donut

We ended our adventure at a little pizza place in Lake Tahoe, Lake Tahoe Pizza Company. The girls sat in their high chairs entertaining everyone and we all enjoyed some pizza and catching up. We got home pretty late (8:45 pm) and we changed the girls and put them to bed and crashed out early ourselves.

It was a great weekend. A fast weekend though. Luckily, we have a four day work week (hello Nevada Day, Friday) and Halloween festivities this weekend.

Hope you all had a good weekend!


  1. Gosh darn blowouts!! Emmy has those all the times. She's had more in her 9 months of life than her brother ever has. It's nuts! Sounds like you had a great weekend, minus not getting some pictures. Apple donuts sounds amazing!! Yum! Hope you have a great week. :)

    1. The blowouts are the worst. Especially when you are on the road and have to find a place to dump the diaper, put the dirty stinky clothes in a bag in the trunk and pray it doesn't stink all day due to the warm weather. Hahaha. The apple donuts are the best. I wish I could eat more of them and not feel like a fat kid. Haha.

  2. Wow you guys fit a lot in...can't wait to see the photos! Sounds like the Apple Hill trip was awesome (minus the blowout...we've had that happen at several outdoor excursions haha). Hope thyou week goes well.

    1. We did! And I am dying over our family photos. Well the teasers. I can't wait to get them, but it will be so hard not to share them until we order our Christmas photos.