Thursday, October 1, 2015

A Late Weekend (Again)

Another week that I failed to do a weekend update on time. Monday I forgot my phone at home, so I didn't have any photos to post (and you can't do a post without photos, right?). Tuesday I worked in Reno all day and didn't have a chance to write a post that day. Yesterday I had to write about my baby girls turning 9 months because I was already a day late on that, and now it is Thursday. It feels weird to write a weekend update when we are about to start a new weekend. we go.

Last Thursday I headed out to the Bay Area for work and I received this little gem from my husband while I was gone.

I missed them so much and I was only gone overnight.

I went to Pluto's Restaurant for lunch while in Palo Alto and had this delicious salad. This place is so good. We need one in Reno or Carson. You pick between a few lettuces and over 50 salad toppings. Loved this.
Mixed greens with edamame, corn, roasted red peppers, cucumbers, sweet potatoes, peas and carrots with a balsamic dressing.

I flew home Friday evening and got home just in time to see my girls and put them to bed. At least I got to see them.

Saturday we watched football, ran errands (Total Wine, Lucky Jeans, Petco and the grocery store) and hung out.
 Saturday morning selfie session with Sutton

Sunday we headed to one of our favorite places, Graeagle. We wanted to get away for the day and a trip to Graeagle is just what we needed. We went to the local shops and bought a few things, had ice cream at Buckaroo Chocolates, relaxed in the park and went to The Brewing Lair to enjoy a beer and people watch. Always an amazing time.
 Blair beer at The Brewing Lair

Then we went home to watch the awful Niners game. We recorded it, so we could start it late and ended up fast forwarding through a bunch of it since it was so bad. Awful, horrible game. So sad to see the Niners fall like that. Kap threw two pick sixes and another two interceptions?! And the receivers looked like garbage too. Ugh so utterly disappointed in them. This could be a tough year for us Niner fans.

We made dinner that evening and did the normal Sunday evening routine of getting the girls ready for daycare the next day.

How was your weekend? And do you have any eventful plans this weekend?


  1. Your little day getaway sounds perfect!! We do things like that sometimes and it's so nice. Getting out of the normal humdrum is always a good thing. Love the Sutton selfies. So sweet! I always get the best pictures when my hubby has the kids. Hope you have a great Friday and weekend!!

    1. Awe thanks. I love getting photos of the girls from others. I wish daycare sent more. They send them occasionally though. Hope you have a good weekend too!