Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A Day In the Life Of

A day in the life of the Butler family.

Our days are crazy, hectic, but so much fun. I thought I would give you all a glimpse into our daily lives. This is a typical Sunday in our house.

5:20 am - I wake up and prep the girls bottles (6 oz of forumla). After the bottles are prepped, I clean up the counters. At this time, my husband gets the girls from their cribs, brings them into our room (in their rock n plays) and waits for me.
5:25 am - My husband and I feed the girls in our room, in the dark and try to keep them as sleepy as possible.
5:35 am - The girls are done eating and are back in their cribs off to sleepy land again. And momma is in the kitchen cleaning the bottles.
5:45 am - We are back in bed and try to sleep for awhile longer.
8:00 am - We get up and start to get the girls ready for the day. We change their diapers, change their clothes and bring them to the living room. I will usually shower and start to get ready while my husband hangs with the girls and watches some pre-game ESPN.
9:00 am - I prep the girls bottles (6 oz of formula) and we feed them.
9:20 am - Clean the bottles.
9:30 am - I take over watching the girls and my husband showers. I also put the girls in their car seats and get everything ready to leave the house.
9:40 am - We head out the door for breakfast because this house doesn't have time to cook breakfast (and I hate cooking it). The girls love being in high chairs now, so it is a toss up between that or sleeping in their carseats.
10:30 am - We head home to feed the girls some puree or we feed it to them at breakfast if we have errands to run.
11:00 am - The girls will take a nap if they didn't nap at breakfast. We take this opportunity to prepare our grocery list, do some laundry, clean up anything we can and spend some time in our backyard with the monitor next to us.
12 - 12:30 pm - The girls wake up and need some diaper changes. We do some sitting up, tummy time, blowing raspberries, play mat time and singing songs while their milk is heating up.
12:30 pm - We feed the girls (6 oz of formula).
12:45 pm - I clean the bottles and we play with the girls. They really love toys now, so it's lots of education toys, teething toys and playing peek a boo.
2:15 pm - It's time for the girls second feeding of puree for the day. At this feeding, we put them in their highchairs and give them some puffs (sweet potato is their favorite) while we get their food ready. We feed them and clean them up after.
2:35 pm - The girls are getting tired so we put them down for another nap and I take the opportunity to go to the grocery story. Freedom at last!
3:30 - 4:00 pm - The girls wake up, get their diapers changed and hang out while we put the groceries away. 
4:00 pm - It is time to feed the girls again (6 oz formula).
4:20 pm - I clean the bottles after some cuddle time and the girls go back to playing.
5:15 pm - I start cooking dinner. We bring the girls into the dining room to sit on their playmate or in their jumpers. They watch us cook dinner and babble to each other. Sunday nights I usually make something that can simmer (like spaghetti) for awhile, so we can eat after the girls go to bed.
6:00 pm - I prep the girls bottles while my husband preps the bath for the girls. He has to get their towels, wash cloths, runs the water, takes their clothes off and gets them ready for the bath.
6:10 pm - We bathe the girls. They love their bath time now. They splash and love getting their hair washed. Total game changer that the girls can sit up in the bath now together.
6:30 pm - Bath time is over, so we take the girls out and start their nighttime routine. We dry the babies off, put on new diapers, put on lotion, cleaned their ears and put on a onesie. I will heat up their formula a bit at this time and put their bath stuff in the laundry along with any other things that didn't get cleaned earlier.
6:45 pm - Feed the girls 7 oz of formula.
7:00 pm - The girls are done eating and they are rubbing their eyes. It is bedtime. We bring them into their room, turn on their light/sound machine (set the timer on it), put the babies in their Zipadee Zip Slumber Sacks, give them lots of kisses and snuggles, put their Wubbanubs in, rub their bellies, turn on their humidifier and leave the room. The girls usually go right to sleep, but occasionally one will fuss 10 minutes later where we go put their pacis back in and head back out of the room.
7:15 pm - I clean the bottles and prep the bottles for daycare the next day. I also finish dinner up, so we can have a peaceful dinner together. My husband will change the laundry over (if it is done) and take the pup for a walk if we hadn't given him one earlier in the day.
7:45 pm - My husband is back from taking the pup for a walk and it is time to eat. We will usually enjoy a glass of wine or scotch after dinner and watch some tv. We also catch up on adult talk and enjoy the peace and quiet.
10:00 pm or so we head to bed because we are exhausted.

Then we wake up the next day at 4:45 am and start it all over again! But I wouldn't change it for the world.


  1. Busy day, but a day full of love, snuggles, and family time! Sounds perfect! :)

    1. Thanks. It is overwhelming, but pretty awesome all at once. And it is crazy to actually write down the things we do and see how it feels like the same thing over and over, but so little time for everything else.

  2. Oh my goodness, y'all are quite busy. but I am sure you wouldn't change it for the world. It is further proof of "where there is a will, there is a way". Enjoy your family time, even if it starts before dawn.

    1. You are right. I wouldn't change it for the world. It is chaos, but lots of fun having twins. And it is hard to start our day before dawn, but it's the only way we know now!!!

  3. What a BUSY day you guys have. Also, I just love how the girls have each other. I just think it's so sweet that they can babble to each other and be there for each other already. I have a sister two years younger than me and I am so incredibly thankful for her!

    1. I agree. They already have a built in best friend. It is so fun to watch them interact and be together. They may take toys away from each other, but they love each other so much. They hold hands, they always touch each other, they try to hug each other and talk to each other all the time. It melts my heart. My sister is 5 years younger than me and it took us awhile to become best friends, but thankfully we are now!