Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Stitch Fix #3

I received my Stitch Fix recently and I never got around to blogging about it. Especially before I had to make my decisions on what I wanted to keep and return.

What is Stitch Fix?

Basically it is a shopping service. You take a quiz (even price range) about your personal fashion style, pin items to your Stitch Fix Style Board and send a message to your stylist about things you want included (maxi dress, jeans, work clothes, tank tops, etc.) or events you are attending in the future. You schedule a fix and pay a $20 styling fee which goes towards any items you keep. And if you keep all 5 items, then you get 25% off the entire box! So then your stylist works on a box for you. It is sent to you to try on at home with your own items from your closet and in the privacy of your house (plus no unflattering dressing room mirrors).

Super simple and a great idea especially if you need to change your style, don't have time to go to stores or you keep buying the same styles of clothing over and over. Your stylist will send you things you might not think you would like, but the idea is to try them on and see what you think. You might just be surprised.

Want to try Stitch Fix? And you feel like helping this momma out? You can use my referral link and I can get a $25 credit. And let's face it, this momma needs all the help she can get with having twins.

Onto Stitch Fix #3.

Item #1 - Laila Jayde Maddison V-Neck Split Back Knit Top
Laila Jayde
I pulled this top out of the box and liked it at first. The fabric was soft and the darker blue was perfect for Fall. I wasn't so sure about the split back (because I can't wear that at work, but figured I could always put a cami under it). Then I put it on and it was awful. The picture doesn't even do it justice. It was really boxy and super short on me. If I lifted my arms up even a little bit, my stomach showed. Verdict: Returned.

Item #2 and #3 - 41Hawthorn Kenny Faux Leather Trip Open Cardigan and Just Black Faye Skinny Jeans
Just Black Skinny Jeans
When I saw the color of the cardigan, I was in love. I also loved how big and comfy it looked. I wasn't too excited about the leather trim, but figured it wasn't a deal breaker. I put the cardigan on and loved it. It was perfect for Fall and Winter. I can wear it to work, but still wear it out on the weekend with some skinnies, t-shirt and boots. Verdict: Kept

Now onto the skinny jeans. I was super excited to finally get a pair of Just Black skinny jeans. I had pinned a few pairs in hopes of getting one. Well it worked. I pulled them out of the box and was surprised that they were grey. No biggie. I wanted new colors anyways. I tried them on and they were very stretchy and so comfy. They were a little big (they bunched at the bottom) but it wasn't a deal breaker. I contemplated these all the way to the post office. I just couldn't seal the bag until I knew for sure. Verdict: Returned. I only returned them because I won't get as much use out of grey jeans. I would have loved black or another color (so I could wear them to work), but grey doesn't fit into my wardrobe and at $88, I just couldn't keep them. So sad. Having major regret here.

Item #4 - Pixley Tammi Keyhole Dress
I was excited to see this dress as I had pinned it to my board. I wasn't too sure about the no sleeves since we are going into Fall and Winter, but knew I could throw a cardigan over it. I put the dress on and thought well this is awful. Then I realized I needed to tie the waist. And it was still awful. I liked the length of the dress, but the way it bunched up top after being tied, the tied waist itself and the overall look just wasn't what I thought it would be. Verdict: Returned

Item #5 - Octavia Tina Checkered Infinity Scarf

 I didn't even take a picture of the scarf (because I forgot), but knew that I wouldn't be keeping the scarf. I loved the color, the look and feel of it, but I just don't need any scarfs. I have a few that are very similar and they don't get enough wear as it is. If I didn't keep the olive green cardigan, I would have kept this so my $20 style fee didn't go to waste. Verdict: Returned

This stitch fix had its goods and bads, but I feel like my first two were more spot on for me. This one wasn't as much me. Maybe a different stylist next time or I need to up my game on pinning. And I definitely need to remove that keyhole dress from my board.  


  1. LOVE the sweater you kept. It's so awesome! the jeans look great on you, but I understand not needing a color like that.

    1. Thanks. The jeans were awesome and maybe in the future something I need to get, but for now, I will wait.