Friday, October 2, 2015

Finally Friday

It's finally Friday again! That makes my heart feel so good. Plus we got a bunch of much needed rain yesterday. It's finally starting to feel like Fall!

Today I am linking up with Karli.

One. Last night was my last time pumping. It left me feeling sad, happy, bittersweet, but more than anything accomplished. I pumped for twins for just over 9 months. I am so proud of myself for sticking it out when I had countless clogs, low supply, mastitis, a breast abscess, surgery from my abscess, pumping at work, pumping in the car, pumping while traveling, pumping while my babies cried, getting up several times a night to pump and the list goes on. It has been a very rewarding experience, but I am very excited to get my boobs back. No more nursing bras!

I have a bit of a freezer stash to continue to give my girls milk a few more times, but then they will be exclusively formula fed. I had a goal of three months, then six, seven and so forth. I made it to nine and I couldn't be more proud.

Two. Rain. It is finally feeling like Fall in the Reno/Tahoe area. We had been hovering around the high 80s for the last few weeks with a sprinkle of 90s and I was waiting for the Fall weather to break out the sweaters, boots and scarves. So excited. And just in time for my Pearl and Monroe sweater to show up tomorrow.

Three. Sutton got her first tooth this week too! Avery got hers Monday and Sutton's was in by Wednesday. So happy. And it justifies their crazy evening behavior. But I think Avery's second bottom one is coming in now. Let's get both in and have happier babies this weekend please.

Four. Target run. I get to go to Target today and I am pretty excited. I have seen lots of blogs with Fall favorites from Target and I can't wait to get my hands on some. I will have the girls in tow just like we used to while I was on maternity leave. We need some baby stuff and a few other things, but I am sure I will end up with way more than I planned (and I can't wait). Target has a Starbucks in it and I need one while shopping around. Should I try the Toasted Graham Latte or stick with the Pumpkin Spice Latte? Has anyone tried the Toasted Graham Latte?

Five. We are trying out a new swaddle system after seeing how much the girls have grown. The girls like the comfort of the swaddle blankets (we still semi swaddle them during naps with their Aden and Anais blankets), but like their hands free. Plus they roll, turn onto their stomach and sleep on their sides throughout the night, so we needed something else. We were using the Merlin Magic Sleepsuits for the last several months and loved them. But they recommend transitioning out when they start rolling. Well we started using them when they could roll, but they didn't do it as much as night. Now they prefer to sleep on their sides and move a ton at night. Plus they grew out of the 3 - 6 month (or up to 16 pounds).

Enter in the Zipadee-Zip. We have had a few people recommend them. They give the comfort of being swaddled or in the womb, but they can roll in them, sleep in them, grab their pacis, etc. It basically acts like a swaddle, but with so much more freedom. We are hoping they work out for our girls and can be used for a long time. After we have tried them for a week or two, I will let you know how it goes. Below are the ones we purchased.


  1. Congrats on being done pumping! I know how hard it is and you had a lot of extra difficulties along the way which I'm sure made things even more difficult! Let me know if you try the toasted graham latte. I've been wondering about that too. Happy weekend!!!!

    1. I didn't try the toasted graham latte. We had a blow out situation at Target which meant my time was cut really short. I did enjoy regular lattes through the weekend though. Still wanting to try one. And weaning has been good. I have been feeling under the weather since then though. Not sure if it is lack of sleep (the girls are teething and waking up a lot), weaning, new birth control or a combo of them all. I am on 84 hours of not pumping.

  2. I can't wait to try the toasted graham latte, I've heard nothing but amazing things.

    Happy Friday :)

    1. Oh let me know when you try one. I hope to this week. My husband is out of town Thursday, so I might go there before work since I can only do a drive thru with my girls in tow.

  3. Yay for being done pumping and double yay for meeting and exceeding your original goal! That's so awesome Danielle. With all of the issues you had along the way it's awesome you stick with it. Hopefully tooth number 2 popped this weekend so you had happy babies. Target is amazing and horrible all at the same time. I spend way too much money. :) heading to Starbucks tomorrow and was thinkin is try the new latte. Yum!!!!

    1. No new teeth yet, but let me tell you the ones they do have (one each) hurt when they bite your finger. Haha. And Sutton can't stop chewing on stuff. I think her top ones will be in any day now. I wore my teething necklace today and she got so mad when we dropped her off at daycare because I didn't leave it with her. Poor thing.

      Did you try the new latte? How was it?