Monday, December 15, 2014

Weekend Update

This weekend went by in a blur.  Prepping for Christmas and our girls arrival while pregnant is harder than it looks.  I managed to capture two photos the entire weekend, but let me tell you it was a busy weekend.

Friday we unexpectedly carpooled together because my husband's truck is still at the shop to get one, yes ONE, tire changed due to a nail being on the side wall.  Let's hope it gets fixed today because he wasn't so happy about it.  Since we carpooled together, that meant that my husband had to run errands with me Friday.  We did some exchanges and purchases of baby things we still needed.  We had lunch, and bought a gift or two.

Saturday we ran errands ALL DAY long.  We had a lot of Christmas gifts to get and we managed to get all but my father-in-law done.  We had ordered a few gifts, but really made a big dent on Saturday.  Now to get my father-in-law a gift and get my husband the last of his stocking stuffers and I am all done.  But I still need to wrap with this bum numb hand. Haha.

That night we went to see Daniel Tosh at the Grand Sierra Resort.  Did I mention we had front row seats?

We saw him last year in Lake Tahoe and the show was great.  He did use some of the same jokes as last year, but plenty of new stuff.  I laughed so hard, we made eye contact a lot, but didn't get my wish of him making fun of my huge belly.  He did make fun of pregnant women, but not specifically me.  It was a great night and Tosh nailed it.

Sunday it was dreary, so we did some grocery shopping, did some laundry, cooked dinner and relaxed by the fire most of the day.  The girls nursery is almost done and I can't wait to reveal it.  The bad part of the day, my Walter roo got sick.  He was up most of the night and threw up a few times.  Poor little dude.  Though he seemed fine this morning.

And that was the extent of our weekend.  This week will be filled with some Christmas wrapping, last minute shopping, relaxation after work and a few pamper me appointments.  Life is pretty good other than the no sleep, being uncomfortable and swelling legs.  Awe the joys of pregnancy.

How was your weekend?


  1. Sounds like you had an amazing weekend! I bet the comedy show was awesome. I'm so jealous.

    1. If you are ever in LA, you can request free tickets to his shows. They film on Thursdays and it airs on Tuesdays.

  2. I would love to see Tosh's comedy show- he always cracks me up!

    1. He travels to Reno/Tahoe every year, so we have been the last two years. Might wait a year or two in between now.