Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Week and a Weekend Update

Does anyone else feel like blogging and this whole business of showing up to work this week absolutely hard?  I am only working two days (yes, yesterday and today) and at 8 hours instead of 9 hour work days and I am still having a hard time.  My mind is filled with cookies, snuggles and Christmas movies.  I can't even fathom thinking about work and my applicants.  Ok, I can and have, but that is besides the point.

Christmas week means I still need to wrap gifts, get those last minute gifts from the mailman (please oh please arrive today), prepare for all the family and friends coming into town and try to enjoy every second of it because this is our last Christmas as a family of three (my pup counts).

And I am trying to do this while being a 100 months pregnant.  Wow has the end crept up on me and I am really starting to feel it.  I can't wait for my five days off to kick my feet up and be in some sort of comfy clothes the entire time!

Anyways back on topic of what we did this weekend?  Well Friday night was our annual co-worker Christmas party, but this one is a smaller private event because office politics make it weird for everyone to have an actual Christmas party.  They ice skated, we ate and they drank while playing shuffle board.  Oh man how I miss the cocktails and fun games.  Next year.

Saturday we watched the Wolf Pack lose the bowl game.  It was awful.  Then we had to watch the Niners lose to the Chargers later that afternoon.  Being a sports fan was awful in our house this weekend.

We also did some Christmas shopping Saturday and Sunday.  Trying to wrap everything up.  This year I slacked big time on getting my shopping done way ahead of time, but it is done and I am just waiting on a few gifts from the mailman.  And they should be here today.  Fingers crossed.

I am very fortunate that I got to have lunch with my dear friend April today and break up the boringness of work during Christmas week.  I just wish we could have hung out longer.  Hopefully we can make that happen Saturday.

I have some other friends coming into town this today and on and I can't wait to see everyone.  Let's just hope my body holds up.  Dang pregnancy is getting hard.  Stayed tuned for an update tomorrow.

Sorry this is literally all over the place.  I know I forgot some of the stuff we did this weekend and my brain is in vacation mode/pregnancy mode, but I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas with their families.

What are your Christmas plans?

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