Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Wednesday's Confessions

You know when you get an amazing night of sleep and you are really pumped in the morning?  That was me this morning.  Even singing "Too legit to quit".  I am sure my husband was so pleased with me this morning.
Anyways, It is Wednesday and we are almost through this week which will bring another football game, packing for work travel next week and the hot air balloon races.  I can't wait for dawn patrol this weekend.

Since it is a Confessions link up day with Bella, I have some random confessions this week.

I know one of the babies genders, but I refuse to tell anyone just yet.  I know it is killing my friends, and maybe a dozen cupcake will get it out of me, but I just want to know the other babies gender before revealing them.  One baby was moving and shaking, spreading its legs, showing us its butt and happy to show us.  Baby 2 was not having it.  It just wanted to show us its head and wouldn't turn.  Sassy little ones I tell ya.  Hopefully we get the other babies gender at my next appointment in a week and a half.  Fingers crossed.

I am dying to break out my leggings, boots and sweaters.  These work slacks and jeans aren't cutting it anymore.  Sure they fit, but are so oh UNcomfortable when I sit down.  Why can't I wear maxi skirts all day every day?

I will be in Philadelphia, Florida and Georgia next week for work and shopping is on my agenda after the work day.  Oh and copious amounts of food.  Watch out bank account.

I have a lot of work and personal travel coming up and I couldn't be more excited.  I have to get it all in before they tell me I can't travel anymore.  I have the three mentioned above plus New Jersey, Philadelphia (again), Louisiana, California and Las Vegas.  The babies are going to see so much before they are even born.

My pregnancy pillow was the best purchase I have made since becoming pregnant.  Sure my pup and husband have less room, but I sleep so soundly and comfortably.  I just wish I could bring it to work with me and cozy up to it.

And I am out of confessions/randomness. 


  1. So crazy to know one baby's gender and not the other! You must be dying to know!

    1. Oh you bet I am dying to know. I want to start shopping and decorating the nursery. Plus I want to know the genders before my work travels, so I can get them stuff. Only another week and a half and hopefully the other shows its goods.