Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Week Back East

Last week I went to Philadelphia, Trenton, NJ, Jacksonville, FL and Sea Island, GA for work.  It was a short and fast week.  But it felt nice to get out of the office and finally travel again.  Before I recap all the yummy food I had (because food is my favorite thing ever right now), I wanted to talk about flying/traveling while pregnant.

First, my doctor said I could go through the full body scan, but with twins he wouldn't recommend it.  So I opted out of it.  Reno airport and Philly airport were very accommodating.  I got a pat down and all was said and done.  Easy peasy.  But in Jacksonville, they weren't as nice.  "You know it is safe for you and your baby to go through the scanner.  It won't hurt you.  Do you really want a pat down?"  Why yes I do sir.  I am pregnant with twins.  End of story, let me be.  Super annoying.

Second, I thought I am not that big, I can still kind of fit into my jeans, this should be easy.  Wrong.  Dead wrong.  Those seats are uncomfortable.  And way worse when you are pregnant.  I had to unbutton my jeans half way through my first flight.  Never again will I wear jeans on a plane while being pregnant.  Leggings all the way.  And that neck pillow I thought would help.  Nope.  It pushed my neck forward causing me to strain a muscle on the left shoulder area.  It still hurts.  I even tried putting that pillow behind my back which only made me arch forward.  Not comfy.

I used to sleep so easily on a plane.  Not anymore.  I am uncomfortable, needing water every 5 minutes and peeing 10 minutes after that.  Phew.

I know these sound some petty and I probably sound lame, but it was tougher than I thought.  I have a trip in two weeks and this time I plan to fly in leggings, get a pillow for my whole back, wear comfy shoes and go to the chiropractor before and after my trip.  Hoping this one will be more comfortable.  I have 2 work trips and one personal trip in the next month and a half, so any suggestions on flying as comfortable as I can?

Now onto my trip.  Monday I flew from Reno to Philly.  I arrived pretty late in Philly, so I was able to check into my hotel, grab dinner and pass out.

I went to Nomad Roman Pizza and had the spicy soppresseta pizza.  And I ate every last bit of it.  Pregnancy problems.  I was hungry after a day of flying and it tasted so good.  No shame here.

Tuesday I woke up early (this never happens) and ventured out for some crepes before my drive to Trenton, NJ.  I hit up Cafe L'Aube Rittenhouse Square and this was an amazing choice.  In Reno, there used to be a crepery that my friend worked at and I went all the time.  That place has been closed for years now and this satisfied my crepe craving.
Sucre Citron Crepe with lemon zest, lemon juice and a yummy sugary mix

I drove to Trenton, worked all day, ate at a cute diner with the people I was up there to see and drove back to the city.  Trenton is no joke at night, so I was out of there before then.

I worked up an appetite shopping for maternity clothes and went to Luke's Lobster.  I went to one in Bethesda, Maryland and found out they had one in Philly.  Total score.  They have the freshest bread, lobster, Maine chips and specialty Maine sodas.  Get the blueberry soda.  Best thing EVER.
 Lobster sandwich combo $18 includes lobster sandwich (look how much lobster is stuffed into this thing!), chips and a soda
Salt and Vinegar chips and the best Blueberry Soda

The best way to end the night is to have gelato because what the babies want, the babies get.  So we ventured to Capogiro Gelato for some pistachio and Thai coconut gelato.  Yum.  I just wish I saw the sugar cones before ordering.  That would have made this top notch.

Wednesday was a travel day from Philly to Jacksonville, FL.  So it was pretty much spent in airports and airplanes.  I did have a fancy yummy dinner at Restaurant Orsay of steaj stroganoff and an amazing salad, but I didn't take any photos.  I guess I was too ravenous to think twice about it.  Again, I crashed out early because traveling while pregnant does that to you.

Thursday I was fortunate enough to drive to Sea Island, GA for work.  The drive was gorgeous and a pleasant change from the Philly to Trenton Drive.  After working part of the day, I went to Southern Soul Barbeque for lunch.  I am still dreaming about this sandwich.  I went with the crowd favorite of the southern soul sandwich which is a jumbo pulled pork sandwich.  They top with slaw at no charge and this is a must on your sandwich.  I doused it in their yummy signature sauce after a few bites sans sauce just to try it out.  Both were great.  I loved the sauce so much, I bought some and couldn't stop texting my husband about it.  I need to go back there.  And to think it was one of the best little bbq places right in southern Georgia.

Not the actual bottle I bought, but their mega bottle.  Yum.

On the way back to Florida, I saw a ton of cop cars on the freeway holding back traffic and then race off.  Turns out they were catching a murderer from Georgia and caught him right over the Florida border.  Pretty fun to watch and so happy they caught him.

That night I did some more shopping in an outdoor mall (super hot and humid) for more maternity clothes.  Oh so fun.  Bought a bunch of stuff, but still need more.  Then I drove to Ponte Vedra Beach (just outside of Jacksonville) for some seafood at Palm Valley Fish Camp.  I got the fried food combo with shrimp and deviled crab.  Wow.  I have never had anything like the deviled crab.  They take the crab out of the shell, mix in celery and other things, put it back and fry it.  Yummy.  And it came with two of those.  It also came with hush puppies, slaw (was ok) and fries.  I was really stuffed, but kept dreaming of desserts that were being brought out.  That is what happens when you sit at the bar.  So I ordered the cranberry bread pudding (their signature dessert dish that the sweetest bartender recommended).  I ate about half of it and wish I could have ate it all.  Best fried food meal ever.
 Don't mind the ketchup (that was only used on fries)
Warm gooey heaven

I finished watching the game at my hotel and crashed out.  Don't worry, I managed to work out three times last week to burn off all the yummy, not so healthy, but ever so good food off.

Friday I flew home to my husband and cute pup, Walter.

Oh and here is a crappy selfie I attempted to document my bump.  Why do I ever try to take selfies?  I make them look awkward.
The twins have fully popped

Ok enough pictures and travel talk.  Now I want a big plate of that bread pudding or some ice cream.

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