Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Horror Stories of Pregnancy and Motherhood

Ok so I am jumping on the bandwagon and writing about hearing horror stories, pregnancy advice, motherhood advice, etc. I keep reading blogs and Huffington Post stories on how hard it is to have a newborn.  How "hellish" life will be once the little one(s) arrive.

It makes me cringe when I read these stories because it sets myself and other pregnant women up for a not so pleasant look to our future.  I know that motherhood is going to be hard, but each and every baby is different.  Your baby may not take to breastfeeding or is constantly crying, but my baby "could" latch on right away and be a very calm baby.  One never knows until they go through the experience.

I would rather hear that it is hard, but the most rewarding experience of their lives.  That having a baby changed their lives, but in a good way.

Since announcing that we are pregnant, we have heard so many horror stories.  Oh, so and so's water broke and so much blood came out of her that they didn't think she would live through it.  Then she experienced a horrible delivery only to have a late c-section....You will probably have a c-section.  What kind of story is this for a scared momma-to-be?

Or my body is so small that they will tear me apart if I try to deliver them vaginally.  Like a lot of stitches and pain for a month or more.  And that I should just schedule my c-section now.  I am sorry, but this is my body and I know what my body can and can not take.  Thank you very much.

And since announcing that we are having twin baby girls, I have gotten so many lovely and mean comments.  Everything from baby girls are the best to I feel so sorry for you.  I would never want twin girls.  That is a death sentence right there.

Why can't people keep their mean/rude/non-constructive comments to themselves.  I don't care if you think that having two girls is the worst thing ever.  I feel blessed to be pregnant, excited that they are beautiful little girls and I know that God chose us for these baby girls because he knows we can handle it.  Heck we will thrive on it.

So why can't people share more of the great experiences and not always the bad/worse case scenarios.  Do people do it for validation that they made it through this awful experience and we should be proud of them?  Do they do it to warn others to not have children?  I don't get it.  Sure I want to hear the bad with the good, but let's even it out a bit.

So please, share your stories/advice with me.

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  1. The moment Oscar was born was the greatest moment of my life. Everything uncomfortable that happened before and after was completely worth it because that moment was so amazing. You will do an amazing job Danielle. Sometimes women are traumatized by their experience so talking about it is a way to cope. Sometimes babies are very difficult and parents felt like no one warned them about how hard it is, so they feel obligated to make sure you know. But the truth is, there is nothing anyone can say that will prepare you for the experience. You just have to go through it yourself to understand it. But you guys are as prepared as anyone can be and I know you'll love being parents. Congrats again, we're so very happy for you both!