Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor Day Weekend

It is Tuesday (first day back in the office) and I am not grumpy like I am normally on Mondays. I call this a win.  I had a really good weekend followed by a crazy, traumatic morning, but things are better now.

Thursday  was actually my Friday and started off right with this baby.
 Cake donut with sprinkles.  The way to a pregnant girls heart.

I took Friday off of work to have a long four day weekend and it was definitely worth it.  Walter went to the groomers and he looks handsome as ever.  We had an ultrasound and fluid check with our perinatal doctor.  We found out one of the babies genders, but the other wouldn't cooperate (so hopefully in two weeks we will know for sure what both babies are).  I got my hair done and we went to food truck Fridays.  It was definitely a great day off.
 Check out the bump.
At food truck Fridays in the rose garden.

Saturday was the first Wolf Pack football game of the season.  We got up early, headed to breakfast and then to the tailgate.  This is the first tailgate in a long time where I didn't consume any beer, mimosas, bloody marys or any alcohol.  I just pigged out on all the yummy food.

The Wolf Pack won their first game of the season against Southern Utah.  It was hot, but I loved every second of it.  Next game is this Friday against Washington State.  This is going to be a tough game, but I have faith since it is at home.  Plus we have another amazing tailgate planned.
Butler babies first Wolf Pack game.

We barbequed after the game and kept it low key.  Plus we watched more college football.  I think that is all we watched this weekend.

Sunday we drove out to the cantaloupe festival in Fallon, Nevada.  I have never been, but had always wanted to go.  It was disappointing the say the least.  I expected lots cantaloupe vendors, cantaloupe products and everything just surrounded around cantaloupe.  There was one place to buy fresh cantaloupes, one booth dedicated to cantaloupe foods and then a cantaloupe daquari place.  Everything else was just random crafts, random foods and nothing centered on cantaloupes.  I don't know if it was smaller and not as fun as previous years due to the drought, but we were disappointed to say the least.

But we did turn the evening around with sushi and it was so good.

Monday was spent doing the usual Sunday things...laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping and making our delicious homemade spaghetti.  I am really looking forward to the leftovers for lunch today.

So now onto the traumatic night/early morning.  This may only seems traumatic to me and my family, but it got to me.  Around 2 am, I woke up to use the bathroom and Walter bolts off the bed to go outside.  I am thinking, he is like his momma and has to pee, but then I hear him barking loudly.  I took off running to the dining room sliding glass door to get him to stop.  But I see him chasing something, him (or something) yelp, hear some growling and loud barking.  I scream and run to the door that leads outside (the sliding door has security pieces in it and it takes too long to open).  Without thinking, I run outside and chase whatever is near Walter.  It runs to the fence, up the fence and jumps over.  All the while, my husband is freaked out and chasing me.  I don't know what kind of animal got into it with Walter, but it scared me.  It scared me so much that it took me at least two hours after to get back to sleep.  This was after locking his doggy door so if that thing returned, it couldn't get inside.  I hope it was just a cat and not a coyote or raccoon.  Ugh, my dog sure did defend us and his territory, but this pregnant momma always thinks and assumes the worst, so I am a bit worried of the next few evenings.  I hope Walter marks his territory and scares off whatever was near.

On a related note, my husband told me I need to grab the bat next time because we don't know if it is human, animal, etc out there and I need to protect myself.  Instincts ran and I just wanted to protect my puppy, but my husband is right.

I was able to squeeze in another two hours of sleep and then it was time for work.  Like I said, I am pretty surprised I am this cheery this morning. 

So here is to a short work week and then a week away in Georgia, Florida and New Jersey for work.

How was your weekend?


  1. That doughnut looks fabulous!!! YUM! Ummm, how did I miss you were having TWINS!!! That's so exciting!

    1. I am not sure, but I am. Kind of crazy, exciting and scary all at once. And donuts are definitely my weakness right now, haha.

  2. So glad everything worked out with Walter...that sounds scary! Looking forward to hearing more about the twins, how exciting :)

    1. Thank you. And luckily everything was quiet last night. Let's hope that was a one time incident. Oh be prepared, there are lots of twin posts coming soon!