Friday, September 5, 2014

Oh Hey Friday + 16 Weeks

Oh Hey Friday, so happy to see you again and so soon (but not soon enough).  I have a longer work day than usual.  Boo, but I have a lot of fun things planned for the weekend.  Tonight we have the tailgate and second Nevada football game, tomorrow is my Sunday chores (since I am out of town all next week), Sunday is dawn patrol for the Hot Air Balloon Races, getting a pedicure, watching the Niners and cuddling with my husband and pup.

Let's get down to the link up with Karli and my five things (because I don't have any lists, favorites or a general sense on what I want to talk about today).

One.  This is the first time I am traveling (on a plane) since I was about 8 weeks.  I have a bump now and I don't know if I should or can go through those full body scanners.  So ladies, do you know?  Or should I just opt for the pat down/metal detector?

Two.  Last night was the official start of the NFL season and I was beyond excited.  Plus I racked up some major points in my fantasy leagues last night.  The game wasn't so much fun the second half, but I had to watch it all the way through.  NFL trumps most other tv shows.

Three.  I have been really slacking on the blogging lately.  I feel like all I talk about is pregnancy and I don't want to bore those who aren't interested.  Plus I keep forgetting to take weekly bump photos.  I usually think of it after the gym when I am sweaty and gross, but those gym clothes do show the bump off beautifully.  I need to stay on top of this.

Four.  I will be in the Philadelphia area Monday through Wednesday next week (don't worry, my husband is home with the pup) and in Jacksonville, FL/Sea Island, GA Wednesday through Friday.  Any food recommendations or things to see in the evenings?

Five.  We bought tickets to see Daniel Tosh this December (front row baby) as one of our last BIG date nights.  I can't wait.  We saw him last year in Tahoe and he did not disappoint.  This year he will be in Reno, we will be front seat and I am hoping he makes fun of my huge pregnant self at that time.  He offends everyone and I love it.  We also need more date night suggestions for when we get closer to having these babies and even date nights for after.  Suggestions?

And since I slacked Wednesday and yesterday (I blame it on the short week), here is my bump update sans picture.  But don't worry, I will get a beauty of a picture tonight at the tailgate.

How far along: 16 weeks, 2 days

Babies are the size of a: Dill Pickle/Avocado.  Babies are 4 1/2 inches long and about 4 ounces each.  Their ears have developed and they can hear the sounds that I do.  They are starting to kick a lot, but momma can't feel them yet.
Maternity Clothes:  Probably need to buy a pair of pregnancy jeans this week.  My best fitting jeans are pretty tight today, though not uncomfortable.
Stretch Marks: None yet thankfully.
Sleep: So much better now that I have my pregnancy pillow.  It means less room for the husband and pup, but I sleep so well now.  I am in love.
Symptoms: Bloody noses, allergies, backaches...same as last week.
Best Moment of the Week: NFL football started!
Movement: I may have felt them two different times when I was bending over to change my clothes.  There was a distinctive thump in my uterus area and I am hoping it was the babies. 
Cravings: Pizza.  I woke up last night at 11 when my husband got home from his softball game and proclaimed I really needed pizza soon.  I did fall back asleep pretty fast, but I still have pizza on the brain.  Oh and all the tailgate food I will consume tonight.  And I am still hooked on fruit.
Gender: Hoping for a boy and girl.  We know one babies gender, but the other wouldn't show us its goods.  We should know at my next appointment on the 23rd.  Then its shopping galore for this momma.
Belly Button In or Out: In half way.  My belly button looks very awkward.
Wedding Ring on or Off: On and actually looser.
Anything Making You Queasy or Sick: The smell of garbage and people reheating their lunches.  Blah.
What I Miss: Beer and wine.  Especially at the tailgates.
What I am Looking Forward to: My work trip.
Labor Signs: Not even close.
Nursery: Not much done.
Emotions: Feeling pretty good. 


  1. I'm sharing those pizza and tailgate food cravings, though not the pregnancy haha - Happy Friday!

    1. There is always something about pizza and tailgate foods. Everyone (ok most people) love those yummy appetizers. Happy Friday!

  2. Nursery done! You are PREPPED girl! What else will there be for you do to?

  3. Last I'd read they hadn't done much research on the body scanners and pregnancy so I'd ask for the pat down.