Friday, April 18, 2014

Dear Friday

Join me in Fan Friday Link Up with Sarah and Nicole.  Nicole guest posted a list of 25 things she is a huge fan of and we should be too.  She has some awesome items on that list like #3 and #24.  I am going to go down a different route and do more of a Dear Friday post.  So...

Dear Friday, I am so thankful this week is over and I can look forward to sleeping in this weekend.  I have been way beyond tired this week.  Dear Golf, please be kind to me today and allow me to beat not look like a fool on the course.  Dear Weather, please don't rain/snow in Wisconsin or Minnesota next week.  I can't handle anymore cold weather.  Dear Husband, I can't tell you how excited I am for this weekends adventures...buying a new BBQ and oven (almost as awesome as buying the vacuum a few months back), watching the Wolf Pack football team practice, buying more items for my CaraBox recipient and spending Easter with my family.  Dear Walter, momma is going to miss you so much next week that I best get some extra cuddle time in this weekend.  And last but not least, Dear Giants, thank you for taking the series against the Dodgers.  You are well on your way (let's hope even though the season just started) to the World Series AGAIN!
  Thanksgiving Golf Tournament (Las Vegas 2012) Me: Winners Team Husband: Losers Team (notice his toilet golf trophy)
Let's hope my golf skills match this game (Hawaiian Honeymoon 2013)
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