Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Another Big Day

First off, I wanted to share with you all how excited I am to see the lovelies Stacey and Heather tonight.  I get to see Stacey three times in one week?  I definitely won the friendship lottery there.  In a mere ten hours, I will be enjoying a glass of wine and good eats with these two ladies.  I couldn't be more excited.
And second, today is the big day for my Dad.  It is surgery day.  In a few short hours (at 3 pm to be precise) my Dad will be all prepped and ready to go.  
After almost 3 years from being back from Afghanistan, my Dad is having shoulder surgery to repair his badly torn rotator cuff.  He received this injury while in Afghanistan carrying another soldier.

After months and months of tests, requests for surgery and medical approvals, he will finally (hopefully) be pain free and can get back to normal life.  I am a bit worried today as my father-in-law had this surgery almost four years ago and he had some complications from a blood clot forming in his lungs which hospitalized him.  This was very scary and luckily he recovered from it after a few days in the hospital.  So I ask you all to please keep my Dad in your prayers for a safe, fast and complication free surgery today.   Love you Dad!
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  1. Thinking about you and your dad! xo I can not wait to see you in just a few hours! Love you

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    1. Thank you Mel. He is getting out of the hospital right now and I can't wait to see him and make sure he is ok.