Monday, April 28, 2014

Is it Really Only Monday?

I am back from another adventurous work trip to the mid-west (Madison and Minneapolis) and I have a post coming tomorrow for you all (I can't get the stupid collage maker to work today).  But in the meantime, I will give you a bit of a run-down of my weekend.  And probably without pictures because said collage/photo maker won't cooperate with me.
I got home Friday from my work trip to more rain.  I wasn't happy to say the least.  I had just left the rain and wanted sunshine.  But it could have been worse.  I could have been in the work golf tournament (remember I played a week earlier) in the rain/snow.  Ya my husband was pretty bitter about it.  My pup was probably too since he didn't get a walk due to the rain.
We finally got to go to dinner at 8:30 where once again my stupid tastebuds and this medicine (the metformin) got the best of me and I didn't care for my mussels.  I loved the actual mussels, but the broth with the chorizo made me nauseous.  So I ate more of the chartuerrie plate than anything else, and that was really good.  Plus I got to catch up with my main man.
Saturday was the Silver and Blue Spring game which started off with some tailgating.  What you don't tailgate for your Spring game?  Amateurs.  The Blue team won, it was really windy, but a lot of fun.  That night we ordered some pizza and stayed in because my husband left on his work trip on Sunday.  Boo, I never get to see him.  But we did build a fire that evening which made for the best Saturday night in.
Sunday my husband ventured down to the south and I had brunch with my favorite ladies.  I also went shopping for my carabox exchange and found out that Napa Sonoma was having a customer appreciation food and free wine.  After I told the ladies about this, we made plans to hit it up.  And that we did.  I was the fifth wheel, but never felt like it.  We ate amazing appetizer style foods and drank a ton of wine.  It was a great evening and Stacey and I stayed almost the entire time talking and drinking.  Way too much fun and worth it.
But I did have to get home to my pup who was waiting to be fed and cuddled.  And he did cuddle me hard all night.  Now I am back to real life in my cubicle and I am daydreaming of my next vacation.  Belize, Caribbean Islands, Europe.  Oh the possibilities are endless.
Please oh please take me here.
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