Thursday, April 17, 2014

Taking It Back 8 Months

I know today is typically TBT, but I was reading some Weddingbee today...specifically this post which is all about Dirty Dancing and it made me think of my wedding day. Oh the dancing.  I love to dance (especially after a drink or two).
Oh so very true Vodka
Growing up my husband and his friends would break dance.  His mom swears she has a video of my husband break dancing as a child when he was about 5 years old.  Mental note: get my hands on this video.  Anyways, he always mentions how he was into hip-hop and rap way before his fellow friends, how he loved to dance and how music forward he is.
When we used to go out clubbing (so many years ago, dang we are old) he would be able to get down on the dance floor.  He impressed me and others with his dance skills, but never once did he show any break dancing skills.  Until...our wedding day.
 My husband breaking it down on the dance floor
 GM Tom (one of his childhood friends)

As you can see, my husband and his childhood friends decided to show us all what their momma's gave them.  They formed a circle and started break dancing.  I just wish I had some of the ones where they were on the floor doing their moves.  Most epic moment!  I and so many others finally got to see what my husband had talked about for years.

I know I say this over and over and over again, my wedding day has been the best day of my life, and I love to relive it over and over again.

So, I only took it back 8 months (today), but it was one of the best Throw Back Thursday pictures.
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