Thursday, September 26, 2013

What's in a Name?

Changing your name is a maddening process.  I always had the attitude that it wouldn't be that hard.  False, it is that hard (that's what she said).  I was lucky enough to have connections at the social security office, thanks Dad, so that process was fast.  I may have gotten 75 dirty looks in the process, but I didn't care.  DMV, not that bad either.  That's what happens when you can go to a smaller location (ie Carson City's office) at 7:50 am.

Next was changing of bank accounts, credit cards, utilities, cell phone, rapid reward accounts, W-4, etc.  That is where it got crazy.  I have never sent so many faxes, emails, phone calls regarding one thing.  But I wanted to make life easier for fellow newlyweds and give a list of places and items to make sure you change and in what order I used.

  1. Social Security Office - make sure you fill out their form for your state first.  Go on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday morning.  I went on a Friday afternoon and it was chaos.
  2. DMV - if you have a smaller location in a nearby city or town GO THERE.
  3. Banks - call your bank, have a copy of your marriage license as you may need to fax or email it in.
  4. Credit Card companies
  5. Car Insurance
  6. Renters/Homeowners Insurance
  7. Utilities
  8. Cell Phone Carrier
  9. Work Info (w-4, work email, payroll information, health insurance, corporate credit card, benefits, business cards, etc.)
  10. Rewards Programs - Southwest, United, Hertz, Marriott, Hilton, Sheraton, etc. (you will probably have to fax, email or send a letter with a copy of your marriage license and the requested change).
  11. Social Media and Email - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Email, etc.
  12. All of your shopping sites - whenever you change your credit cards and debit cards, it changes the info for your online shopping, so make sure to change those....especially Paypal.
I might be missing some, if so, please send me suggestions.  I want to make sure I have everything in check.

Now this is where problems hit....I booked my honeymoon under my maiden name.  No big deal, right?  Wrong.  I was told to do this since I have a mileage plus account.  I went by their rules, sent in the documents needed, got the name change done, and then was told to go to my local airport to get my ticket changed.  I did this last Friday since I had a flight that day, but still didn't have my new ID, so I could use my old DL with that ticket.  The ticket agent changed my name on my ticket, said he put me in the same seats, and sent me on my way.  He didn't change my seats and I didn't have seats on two legs of my honeymoon.  Panic attack to the max.  I fought my way with United for 5 phone calls, twitter and facebook blasts and finally after chatting with United agents through FB, they put me in seats.  I have no clue where the seats came from since they had none left, but it worked.  Sorry to the person I may have bumped off, but I bought my seats in April.  Ok vent done.

Since I bore you with not so fun things, here is a picture from our photobooth on our wedding.  LOVE!

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