Tuesday, September 24, 2013

United Airlines Sucks

The post title says it all.  I have had so many issues with United over the last year, and I guess I never learn my lesson.  They have cancelled my flights, not let me on the flight when they were still at the airport with the door closed, they made me drive home from San Francisco twice and have the worst customer service.

Now fast forward to last week.  They changed my name on my mileage plus account.  They told me to go into the Reno airport and change the name on my ticket.  Check and check.  But when the ticket agent changed my name, he said he changed my seats back to the original ones, and I was all set.  Now today, they don't have my seats on the plane, and I may not get to go on my honeymoon.  Ok that is a bit dramatic, but I won't get to fly next to my husband on any of the flights, I may not get on the flight Sunday morning, which means I will either fly in way way way later than my husband or the next day.  That is if the last first class seat isn't booked or if someone will be nice enough to give up their seat for an incentive.  Please oh please let one of those happen so I can go on my honeymoon with my husband, not be later than him or not get to go at all.

United customer service sucks, they won't put me in the first class seat, or upgrade someone yet, or do anything until 24 hours before the flight.  So I have to sit and squirm the next 4 days in hopes someone doesn't book the ticket or someone is nice and gives me their seat.  Oh and same goes for the San Francisco to Reno flight.  At least that one, I can pay $24 now and get a seat.  Oh what to do?  Other than hate United.  Please don't fly them.

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