Monday, September 23, 2013

Golf and a Wedding

This weekend was crazy busy.  I had to fly to Vegas on Friday for work.  I took an early flight and didn't get home until 7 pm.  This meant I didn't have time to get the cardigan or earrings I needed for the wedding we were attending Saturday.  That also meant that Saturday would be crazy.  And I have to thank my wonderful husband for having me "keep calm and carry on".

I found a super soft cardigan (although in some pictures I look like a Stepford Wife, oops), super cheap and awesome earrings and I got my hair done.  I love getting my hair done, especially for weddings.  I managed to get this all done plus breakfast before heading to the wedding.  Oh and I had to shop for some golf pants since it was calling for some colder weather.

We went to the Sunday Wedding and it was lots of fun.  We danced and I got my heels stuck in between the wood boards about 20 times ruining the heels of my shoes.  Nothing a little fixing can't help, I hope.  We ate great food, had some drinks, amazing s'mores and even saw a bear in the trees.  Oh and we witnessed a good friend drink water from the centerpieces because he was thirsty and didn't know where the water was.

Here is the husband and I at the wedding.  Isn't her decorations awesome?!

We had so much fun at their wedding and we are so happy for the beautiful couple.

Sunday we woke up to get ready for some golf.  As part of our wedding, they gifted us a free round of golf for four at the Genoa Lakes Golf Club (the Lakes Coure).  It was a beautiful and crisp Sunday morning.  The front nine I sucked so bad at golf.  I had a few good shots, but for the most part, couldn't get it together.  My hubby might have had to give me a pep talk (a small one).

By the time we got to hole 10, I got excited because this was the hole right in front of our wedding ceremony site.  I told myself I needed to play well for that hole and I did.  I hit so many great shots and was on target.  Then the next 8 holes I was again playing like a champ.  I don't think I have ever played that well (especially the back 9 holes).

It was an awesome day and a great way to cap off the weekend.  Now I have to tend to my cut up feet (not good to wear heels you have worn twice; once being where they cut your feet up before), my sore left ball of my foot (golf and dancing on the wood floor in heels and sans shoes) and my swollen ankles.  Man am I getting old.

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