Monday, September 23, 2013


One of my dear friends, Stacey, introduced me to this amazing website.  She is also the lovely bride I mentioned in my last post who got married this weekend.  I love her style and when she told me about eShakti I knew I wanted to get a customized something from them.  But when she told me about the site, I was knee deep in planning a wedding and didn't have the extra cash to spend.  Well now that my wedding is over (boo) I have lots a little extra money to spend.

So I decided to make my first eShakti purchase.  First off, when you sign up, you get $30 off your first item.  Major score.  I looked about and found a few skirts I could add to my collection for fall and winter.  But I am not made of money, so I picked one out.

I went with the Winter Floral Embellished Skirt.  The best part is, you can customize them.  I did this since the first time it is also free (that is a $7.50 savings).  I made the skirt go just above the knees and it has pockets.  I can't wait to get it and try it on.  This is the skirt I chose.
via eShakti

I love the cute bow, it is fall/winter esque and it has pockets.  I really hope to buy more from this site soon, when I have a bit more spending money.


  1. Yay!!! I can't wait to see it on you!!

  2. It will be here tomorrow!!! I am dying for your green skirt too. Very fun!