Friday, September 13, 2013

Life After Being a Bride

I have a confession to make....I was sad to have my wedding planning end.  I have been reading blogs, posting about weddings, stalking Pinterest for wedding ideas and going to the ends of the moon to do DIY projects for my wedding.  I didn't know what to do with myself after the wedding.  But I made do and looked at photos and videos everyday.  Yes, almost 4 weeks after getting married, I look at them everyday.

I had a co-worker get married this last weekend and she got a few teasers.  I was jealous (not about her wedding), but her getting some photos.  So I did what any irrational bride would do, I begged for photos.  Ok I didn't beg, but politely asked.  And she sent us 14 teasers.  After looking at them, I was in awe.  I said thank you and got an update on when our photos would be ready.  And they will be ready two weeks ahead of schedule it is looking like.  And she informed us that these were very lightly edited and when we get them all, they would be fully edited.  So without further ado, here are some wedding teasers.

 This is one of my favorites. LOVE.
 Best day of my life.
 Isn't he handsome?
 I dreamed about this day since I was a little girl.
 We opted out of first look for a first touch. Best decision EVER!
 My beautiful mom and I.
 Myself and my beautiful bridesmaids.
My groom and his men. So dapper they are!

I can't wait for the rest of the photos. Such an amazing day.  Now I can get excited about my honeymoon which is in 16 days!  And my beautiful friend Stacey is getting married next weekend!  And we hope to get pregnant in the next few months!  Life is going to be amazing after being a bride.  I am going to enjoy every last second of being a newlywed!

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