Friday, September 7, 2018

Friday Favorites

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This week just flew by. Maybe it was the short work week or the fact that I am leaving on a jet plane, but I feel like it was just the weekend.

Onto Friday favorites and happenings.

ONE. I have scheduled a ton of posts for the next two weeks. I have a guest post coming at you with a topic that I definitely needed some help on....picky eaters. Sutton is a pretty good eater. She will try almost everything and usually likes it. Even spicy foods. Avery on the other hand isn't as adventurous when it comes to eating. She usually has Sutton try it first and even if Sutton likes it, she won't try it. She always wants mac n cheese, chicken strips/nuggets, spaghetti or anything with bread. The girl loves her bread. But this guest post gives you so many ideas and ways to help get your picky eater to actually eat more foods.

TWO. Let's talk coffee. I love coffee. I am more of a latte girl, but I do enjoy coffee most mornings. Recently, I was introduced to Stumptown Coffee. It is a coffee from Portland and it is really good. I first tried it at one of my favorite local coffee shops. I grabbed one of their cold brews to take to the beach with me and it was really good. So then I went to Whole Foods and they were selling four different flavors, so we bought their house coffee (a fan favorite) and have been brewing it at work ever since. It is soooo good. It has flavors of candied and milk chocolate and it is just easy to drink. I am really wanting to try their Holler Mtn. flavor which is Creamy and Caramel. Have you tried Stumptown Coffee? You can buy it online or look for it at Whole Foods. This isn't sponsored. I just love the coffee.

THREE. While Nevada doesn't have a home game this weekend, they do play Vanderbilt on the road. I will be in England when they start and I am hoping that I can either stream it on ESPN or do something. And I am going to miss next week's home game against Oregon State. At least my dad gets to take my ticket and go with Rory. I hate traveling for work during football season.

FOUR. I bought the cutest dress from Pink Blush last week and it arrived this week. Just in time for my trip. I can't wait to wear it in London with some black booties and my charcoal hat.
PinkBlush Button Down Dress

FIVE. Did you check out my post on Wednesday? I participated in a link up with Emily (from my Girl Chat link up) and it is all about your favorite crock pot meals. I pinned and saved a bunch of crock pot recipes because I need to shake things up for dinner and need more meal ideas. And if they come in the form of a crock pot meal, it is even better!
Fall Favorites and Crock Pot Meals

I am linking up with AprilA Little Bit of EverythingMeet @ the Barre and Cup of Tea.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I can just see you strolling London in that cute dress! LOVE it! have a super sweet weekend filled with GREAT coffee!

  2. That dress is adorable and looks so comfy! Hope you have safe and easy travels and a fantastic trip!!!

  3. I love coffee too, looking forward your posts on picky eaters.

  4. That dress is totally your style!!!!
    mmm... I feel like I can smell the coffee just reading this. Could be I'm sitting here holding my own iced coffee while reading it ;) haha

  5. That dress is going to be adorable on you! Yay for coffee, love it too.

  6. I love that dress! I just discovered Pink Blush's maternity clothes, and I love it - great that it works before, during AND after, too! I need to check out that coffee when I can finally drink coffee again haha this baby is mean ;)

  7. Have the BEST TRIP! I'll be tuning in for the picky eaters post for sure. Our kids have just gotten ridiculous!

  8. Ahh when do you leave??! I hope you have a good time!! Love that dress!!

  9. We LOVE Stumptown! Safe travels for work! I agree - traveling during football season is no fun!!

  10. I really wish I could get into coffee, Kyle loves it. I hope you have safe travels, friend!

  11. This dress is so cute and have such a good trip!!

  12. Cant wait for the food post! Zoe is a pretty good eater and will at least try most anything. She picks and chooses when she actually likes some things though haha. I am always looking for good ideas. Love that dress! Hope you are having fun on your trip!