Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Fall Fashion

I am linking up with Emily again for Fall Favorites and this week's prompt is Fall fashion. I love Fall and everything it brings. When it comes to Fall fashion, I am pretty simple and basic. I love jeans, boots or booties, a tee/tank and a comfy cardigan over it. Or jeans, boots/booties and a sweater. The cozier the better.

So I went to Pinterest and found my inspirations of what I wear the most during Fall. Most of this is during the weekend. During the week, it is pretty much slacks or leggings with sweaters and flats or boots.
Fall Fashion - sweaters and vests

I love the sweater and vest combo. I have puffy vests and utility vests. I love the combo above.

Fall Fashion - jeans, flannel and boots

Another classic combo you will see me wearing is jeans, tank, flannel and boots. I have worn this combo countless times and I am always searching for a cute flannel. I buy a lot of mine from local stores and J Crew.

Fall Fashion - wool  hat, sweater and jeans

I have a hat almost exactly like the one above. I have slouchy sweaters similar to the one above, but now that I see this color combo, I need to find a wine colored soft sweater. That bag is cute too!

Fall Fashion - dress with cardigan and boots

I love the dress, cardigan and boots combo. I definitely need to find a few more flowy dresses like the one above to complete this look. Isn't it the cutest?

What are your Fall fashion go-tos?


  1. I want to recreate all these darling looks. I have a blue hat too. If you find a wine slouchy sweater, let me know! Super cute!

  2. Ooh cute looks. I love fall fashion because I'm a big fan of layering. I love vests, sweatshirts, dresses with tights, all of it!!


  3. LOVE all your pinterest finds. I don't have any plain puffer vests, and so want one! Thank you for linking up!

  4. I love all of those looks! So cozy and cute and yet still practical for chasing two kids around most days, haha. It's fun to switch up colors, too -- I like to embrace deep, dark colors in the fall.

  5. I am so excited to pull out my cardigans & boots!!!!

  6. I am slouchy sweaters and leggings all the time :) Love these looks!

  7. Oh how I love all of these! Now I am ready for cooler weather!

  8. Fall is one of my favorite times for fashion! I love boots and sweaters and hats are an all time favorite of mine! Hope you're having a great trip! Sierra Beautifully Candid

  9. I love all of these outfits!!! I'm a big fan of the leggings/jeggings/boots staples, too, and I can't wait until it stays cool enough to really wear my favs!

  10. The sweater and vest combo is my absolutely favorite!!! It's so versatile and always looks so cute.

  11. I got a puffer vest two years ago from JCrew and it's my favorite! Thanks for linking up!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  12. I'm all about the slouchy sweaters, and will definitely be packing my vest for our upcoming fall trip up north <3
    Green Fashionista

  13. Love me some slouchy sweaters and that hat!! I also just got a cute navy vest I am dying to wear.