Monday, May 8, 2017


Another weekend in the books. It was a pretty good one in general, but we definitely are dealing with the terrible twos. My girls are soooo sweet for everyone else, but have been a handful for us lately. Phew. They are giving us a run for our money.

Thursday evening I took the girls to my friends daughters second birthday party. While it was a lot of fun, it was chaotic chasing two toddlers around. When they were not on the swings, they were going down the slide and kept me on my toes all night long.
tiki party

Friday I worked all day since I was in Las Vegas for work at the start of the week. So once we got off, we grabbed the girls and headed home. After being home for a  bit, we headed out on a walk since it was supposed to be rainy all weekend and we wanted to soak in the sunshine while we still had it.
neighborhood walks with toddlers
 Walking through one of our favorite neighborhood park areas
neighborhood walks with toddlers

After walks, we made the girls dinner and then I headed out to get salads since we had the biggest Mexican feast for lunch. After dinner and putting the girls to bed, we settled in for some Parenthood (we are almost done with the series) and a glass of wine.

Saturday morning we headed out to breakfast and then to Target for a few things. Our breakfast spot was so close to Target that I couldn't help but stop and get some essentials for the house.
Toddlers at Target

After Target, we stopped at Starbucks for some coffee grounds for our garden and to help with our ant problem. Then we headed home to meet my in-laws so they could help us move our dining room table to their house for my sister-in-law. The girls were almost asleep in the car, but once they heard gaga and papa were coming over, they pepped up.

We moved the table into Rory's truck and then headed up to my in-laws house to drop it off. While we unloaded the table, the girls played in the backyard until the storm started rolling in and it was time to head home for lunch and naps.

While the girls napped, we started putting together our table that has been in the garage for months. It is from Restoration Hardware and we got the new chairs to match it at Christmas time. Yes it has been that long. While trying to put the table together, we figured out that we were missing all the bolts and nuts to the table. We searched our garage and house while the girls napped and found nothing. So Rory headed to Home Depot to get replacements since RH wanted $30 plus shipping to send us new ones.
Restoration Hardware Flat Iron Table
Restoration Hardware Madeleine Fabric Chair

Rory got home and part of the bolts worked, but the other ones did not. Ugh. Since I was heading out to grocery shop, I stopped at Lowes and got the right bolts (super short ones at that).

Once I got home, and we unloaded the groceries, we finished putting the table together and set everything up. I LOVE this table and chairs and so happy it is finally put together.

I prepped everything for dinner and then we fed the girl, bathed them and cuddled while watching some tv by the fire. Once the girls were in bed, we fired up the grill and made salmon. Since I had prepped the strawberry avocado salsa, I only had to make some rice while the salmon grilled. Dinner was a success and we finished the evening with an episode of The Americans.
salmon with avocado and strawberry salsa

Sunday morning we got to sleep in a little later than normal which was glorious. Once we were up, I made pancakes and bacon for the family before getting ready for the day. My mother in law came over at 9 am and Rory and I headed off at 9:30 to California for the day. Originally we were going to take the girls with us, but their grandparents wanted to spend time with them, so they offered to watch them for the day. So we had an impromptu day date.

We grabbed coffees and headed out for our two and a half hour drive. We wanted to go to California to shop....mainly at Kate Spade, J Crew, Restoration Hardware and North Face. Once we got to the shops, we walked around and spent entirely too much money, but treat yourself, right?

After shopping, we went to Thai food for lunch and this place was packed, even at 2 pm. We had the best Thai food and amazing people watching. After a late lunch, we headed to Restoration Hardware for some towels and to search for furniture. We picked up a few things and then headed out to more stores.

We finished around 4 pm and headed back to Reno shortly after. We only made one stop for gas and got home at 6:30.

While we were out, the girls went on a couple walks with their grandparents. They sat by the river and had snacks, they fed the ducks and splashed in the puddles.
toddlers on walks
Hanging out at the middle school
toddlers on walks

Once we got home, we talked about our day with my in-laws, talked about our daycare dilemma and showed the girls the new jackets we bought them while out. 

We played with the girls, got them ready for bed and got everything ready for the week ahead. Once the girls were down, Rory took Walter for a walk and then we settled in for Fargo before Sutton woke up and wouldn't go back to sleep. It was a rough evening of sleep, but we are here on Monday and surviving with lots of coffee.

How was your weekend?

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  1. I hope you are getting your caffeine fix today girl! Looks like such a sweet weekend and the girls look so cute despite giving you a dose of the terrible twos. I love walks in the park, the people around our neighborhood used to kid me that I was wearing the tred off the stroller when I would push my boys around. Your avocado salsa looks amazing, I'll bet you're Mr. just loves it when you cook! Have a marvelous Monday!

    1. I definitely am getting it today! Ha. They are adorable and that helps us keep our sanity. Good thing they are cute. Ha.

      Oh he does love it when I cook. You should try that salsa out. It is amazing.

  2. Sorry you're dealing with the terrible two's! Hoping the daycare dilemma resolves itself soon, and YUM to that avocado salsa <3
    Green Fashionista

  3. Definitely in need of a caffeine fix! hehe! Looks like a fun weekend though even though they are in that stage!

    Lisa @ Showered With Design

  4. You can never go wrong with a stop at Target. I swear that place just sucks you in haha.

  5. Girl, Target gets me every time. I swear I need to stop going there. I always end up walking out with everything in the store!

  6. Fun weekend!! I hear ya about kids keeping you on your toes! And going to parties is never the same when you have little kids. I think I have about 20, 30 second conversations that never get finished LOL! I want to see a pic of your table and chairs set up!

  7. & you get the terrible twos TIMES two. Not fun. I remember those days with my twin nieces.
    Dont feel bad - I still have a bathroom cabinet I got at Christmas that still isnt put together.

  8. Absolutely love the new table you guys are putting together - it's gorgeous! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  9. I love the table. So pretty! Glad you finally found bolts for it. That's so annoying. Glad you and Rory got a day to spend together too. That's just what you need sometimes. Sounds like such an amazing weekend, and that dinner looked delicious!

  10. What a great weekend! That table is beautiful but what a pain to have to go to lowes twice for nuts and bolts! I'm with you on toddlers. Jack is either sweet as pie or having an all out fit. And now at 18months graham is starting it too. Ugh!

  11. That table looks great! What crap customer service that they wouldn't just send you new bolts?! Sounds like a great weekend! Your dinner looks yummy!

  12. Funny you mentioned coffee grinds for your ant problem! Mike said he wanted to start doing that as well now that the weather is getting nicer and I thought he was nuts. LOL!