Wednesday, May 10, 2017

10 Things I Suck At

About a week ago, Rebecca wrote a post about the things she sucks at and I kept nodding my head. I thought it would be fun to share somethings that I suck at (all jokes aside).

Holding my breath in the water. Or more so swimming and not plugging my nose. I have done it, but it seriously takes me forever to get used to not breathing through my nose in the water. Water always goes up and and back down my throat and I feel like I am choking.

On the same note, snorkeling. I get so worked up in the water that a shark is going to be near that I breathe very rapidly for the first 10 minutes before I can calm myself down.

Eating well. I have so many friends who eat Paleo, or gluten free or no alcohol except weekends and I just can't do it. Or maybe it is, I DON'T want to do it. I usually chose a salad over most things for lunch, but if you put pizza or pasta in front of me, load it up!
We love making pizzas at home.

Not worrying. I tend to worry about everything. Seriously, if stress falls in my lap, I go right to the worst case scenario and I worry about it until it either pans out or I am proven wrong. Example: the daycare situation. Ugh. I stayed up all night worrying about it and you know what, we got it figured out and I worried myself for nothing.

Keeping my body healthy. Or in other words, not having surgery all the time. I feel like I have had more surgeries than most people have at my age. Not counting minor teeth surgeries, I have had: knee surgery, foot surgery, abnormal cells in my cervix, emergency c-section, breast abscess, two umbilical hernias and augmentation. What's next?

Buying things. I will hem and haw over things and justify why I don't need them. I usually end up regretting not getting it, but I have a hard time just going out and buying things for the sake of buying something. My husband often has to encourage me to buy something.

Running. I may run several times a week, but I feel like I suck at it. I am not one of those people where it comes naturally, nor do I really LOVE it. I just do it because it keeps me fit and I can finally run again after having knee surgery. I really wish I loved running and could run half marathons and the RTO that is coming up.

Making decisions. I am one who usually just goes with the flow on most things. So when my husband asks where I want to go for dinner, I usually don't have an answer. I would rather him chose and then I say if I want it or not. I know, it's bad, but I hate making decisions like that.

Responding to emails. Sometimes I get right on it, but other times I just let them sit there. Sometimes for weeks. It isn't because I don't want to talk to the person, it is just pure laziness. Then I get on top of my game and answer all my emails and it feels so good.

Filling the Brita. My husband gets on me all the time for this, but I suck at refilling the Brita. I will let the water get down to about a glass and then fill it, but never before that. I have even emptied the Brita and put it back in the fridge.

Golfing. I love to try to golf, but I am not good at it. I think if I took lessons and really gave it a try, I could get better, but who has the time now. I do enjoy playing it, but I am not good at it. I love when I hit a great shot and call that a win for the day.
women golfing
Golfing on our honeymoon

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  1. Hahah I love this! Inneed to do a post like this. I suck at eating well too. Give me all the pizza! I lasted low carb for one week... haha!

  2. Girl I am right there with you on A LOT of these!

  3. Love this!! I cannot make decisions either, I'm a worrier and well I want to be a good golfer and be able to go with my husband but I totally suck, so I'll just let that be his hobby, ha ha! Fun post girl! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  4. Great idea for a post - now write 10 things you don't suck at! I'm awful at running and eating healthy too.

  5. I too am bad with emails and it is just out of laziness. I too cannot make a decision and worry like no ones business.

  6. Man... we are so much alike, its crazy. The worrying thing - its kind of out of control.
    & you get me on the 'running'... I wish it was natural for me. My hubs can literally wake up & run a half marathon without thinking twice - doesnt even get breathless. & I'm dying mile 1 after 16 weeks of training. How is that fair??!?!

  7. I'm the same way with eating!!! I'm not a fan of these diet crazes, I just eat what I want but I just watch how much I eat.

  8. Not going to lie I laughed out loud when I saw Not filling the Brita because it drives me crazy when people forget! haha or even worse put it back when there is maybe a small glass of water left in it! Good Wednesday morning laugh.

    Happy Wednesday!

  9. Basically I am just obsessed with the title of this post!! But I am the worst at eating healthy too-I mean what is life if you don't have the pizza and the wine!?

  10. I need to write one of these! I used to be horrible at holding my breath as well. Now I found that if I hum underwater I am able to do it. Sounds ridiculous, but try it. Makes you breathe out instead of in. I also stink at eating well. I don’t like healthy foods at all! Goodness, as I look down your list I realize that I could have wrote this post myself.

  11. I am the same way with worrying, 99% of the time I worry for no reason at all and everything works out. And yes to all the pizza! I can't do any of those fad diets either, and no alcohol? Pfffft <3
    Green Fashionista

  12. I knew this post was going to be awesome just by the title of it! I may have to steal this one... SO good! I'm totally with you on the not worrying. Lord have mercy I worry about every tiny little thing. It drives Brian nuts. Oh, and girl, BUY YOURSELF SOMETHING! That is one thing that I do NOT have a problem with. Lol. I figure, if I'm going to work at this job that I hate, I might as well reap the benefits, right?! Haha.

  13. This is a cool post. I want to do it too! First of all, I'm totally with you on the worrying thing. It's like it's my middle name, ha. And, randomly my husband always gives me a hard time for not refilling the Brita. In my defense I refill it all day though. I just don't do it at night as much. And, I'm with you on the diet thing. I just can't seem to stick to one thing or cut out sugar or something. It's just not worth it to me in the long run!

  14. I love this kind of post! I have that same problem with the brita pitcher and making decisions. And I cannot turn down pizza either! But I have such a hard time making it look pretty at home.

  15. Ok now this was fun!! I also suck at eating healthy, no pizza or alcohol?! Um you wouldn't want to be around me haha. And I run 3x's a week but totally suck at it too!

  16. If you lace up your shoes and run, you are a GREAT runner! Don't compare yourself to others; do it for you! That's all that matters! I'm terrible at golf or anything with coordination. I feel like every time I reach into the refrigerator the Brita is empty. Why won't it just refill itself?

  17. The eating! I totally relate! While I feel like I have a super healthy diet, I could never commit to something like paleo, etc. and I get buyers remorse big time, so I always overthink any and all purchases!

  18. This is so fun and I may have to steal it. I was laughing because I'm the same way about many. And email...girl if I don't respond right away I forget half the time.