Thursday, May 25, 2017

Some Confessions and Thoughts

It's time for some confessions and thoughts on Thursday. I feel like I haven't done one of these in a long time due to other schedule posts, but I am back with it today. So grab the button and join in below.

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- I hate making decisions on health insurance. We have to make our decision to keep our current health insurance or change to the other by May 31st and it always gives me anxiety. I always worry what if something happens and we have the high deductible insurance? Or we pay a ton each month and then co-pays. Either way it costs a fortune and I hate making that decision.

- I still haven't watched the Bachelorette premier. I am usually super excited about it, but after Nick's last season, I haven't been that pumped. Don't get me wrong, I love Lindsay, but the first week is just awkward. Maybe I will skip it and read recaps and start next week.

- I saw a post from my twin mom group this week about her toddler getting 4 crowns put on and I about freaked. What if I am not brushing my kids teeth enough? Ugh. I hate brushing their teeth because they fight it so much. I guess I better be more diligent about it.


- I was working on the girls baby books Monday night and I can't believe how much they have changed. I was really far behind on their books as well. I only went up to 9 months. I have had pictures tucked away for their books and wrote blog updates on them, but Monday night, I sat down and caught up on most of it.

Speaking of that, there is a section where you put best selling novels, blockbusters, famous actors, best athletes and things that happened around their birthday. It was crazy to google all those things and see what was popular almost 2 1/2 years ago.

I hope to share their baby books sometime in the future.

- I am searching for a summery dress to wear to a wedding. The wedding isn't formal, but I still want to wear a dress. So I am looking for suggestions. I am always open to Rent the Runway, but I love buying a new dress too.

I am in love with this dress, but I feel it is too formal for the wedding I am going to at the lake.
Lombard and Fifth blush dress

- I feel like I have been going to doctor appointment after doctor appointment. Basically trying to get them all in before I make my decision on the insurance I mentioned above. Ugh. But the good news is my eyes checked out, I don't need glasses and I am only farsighted in the very slightest. Plus I got the new imaging of your WHOLE eyeball and it is really cool. They can check for all sorts of aliments in your body just through your eyes. Everything looks good in that aspect. I am waiting on results from other doctors before I mention them here.


  1. That dress is so pretty. But I agree that if it's at a lake it may be too dressy. But gorgeous. I hate insurance stuff too. The hoops you have to jump through with questions ,etc. Hang in there.

  2. i agree w you ab the bachelorette...i haven't watched either. I don't love the first week episode so I'm probe going to skip...i can't ever remember any of their names and its just blah. the dress is pretty but a bit dressy for the lake. have you looked at lilly pulitzer?

  3. I DVR'd the beachelorette but can't bring myself to watch. The hubby says no to watching it too LOL. I am pretty behind on avery's baby book, I should really work on that this weekend!

  4. I have been going to the eye doctor since I was three years old so I just HATE it. Their technology really has come so far though! I adore that dress, it is stunning!

  5. No - you gotta watch the Bachlorette - its great. You'll be impressed with some of the guys from the get go - & it has some really funny moments.

    Ohhhh man, I feel your pain on health insurance. I legit had panic attacks making the choice for what I was going to go with.

  6. Oh picking health insurance is so difficult. It took me forever to figure it all out. You can do it. Oh don't worry about the twins teeth, do the best you can. I too hated to brush my teeth when I was that little, always fought with my mom about it. I am really good about it now tho but only because someone I knew had gum disease and I saw what they went through and decided I never want to have to go thru that.

  7. That dress is so pretty, and would be perfect for a lake wedding! And ughhhh health insurance is the worst, you pay out on it so much and still end up with crazy co-pays and deductibles. Ok rant over! Hope you guys feel good about the decision you make <3
    Green Fashionista

  8. Very cute dress I like it!
    I haven't watched the Bachelor or Bachelorette since the Bachelor: London Calling! I just can't haha I love me some reality TV but I just can't do the Bachelor/Bachelorette
    I have my eye appointment tomorrow and I always find it so weird because of what they can do and see now haha
    Happy Thursday!

  9. Oh that dress!!! I don't think it's too formal at all. I would go for it.

  10. Dealing with insurance decisions is the worst!!! It's so hard to know if you're doing the right thing or not. Can't wait to see your baby books post to get ideas. Love that dress, it's gorgeous!

  11. Okay, I just have to say...I love that dress soooooooo much! I wouldn't care how formal or informal, I'd just wear it, ha.

  12. That dress is so pretty! Love it! I hate health insurance time too. Our new stuff comes out May 31st and I know I'm going to make a million phone calls to my dad before I decide on what to pick!