Monday, February 6, 2017

Super Bowl Weekend

Once again, I was sooo bad at taking photos this weekend. When you have sick little ones there is no desire to take photos. You are too busy taking care of them and constantly wiping snot from their noses.

Our weekend was very chill as in, we didn't do much. Friday afternoon Rory was due to arrive at 12:45 pm, but his airplane was diverted due to crazy winds. They were about to land and his plane rotated and almost clipped the runway. The pilot had to accelerate and take off again and go to the next nearest city. They waited on the ground there for a bit until the airport reopened and then they flew in. It was still a crazy bumpy ride he said and one of the scariest flights in.

Rory made it home around 3 pm. After he greeted the girls, they helped him unpack and gave them new jackets. Then our final chair arrived. We received four Restoration Hardware chairs as a Christmas gift and three of them arrived in great condition and one was damaged. They reordered the chair and it came damaged three times before the fourth one was right. We finally have all of our chairs. Only a couple months late.

That evening we did breathing treatments, play time and ordered pizza. Once the girls were asleep, we settled in for some Parenthood.

Saturday morning we went to breakfast and had a coupon to use before it expired. Or not really a coupon, but a free meal that we won. We had breakfast and then went to Target for some essentials. We got back and did another breathing treatment and then the girls took their naps. I headed to the grocery store to restock our kitchen and then home to a nice cozy fire. The girls slept really well and then we went for a brief walk. We thought the weather was going to hold and the girls were getting such bad cabin fever that we went out for a bit.

I prepped dinner and then we bathed Walter. He was in serious need of a bath. The girls had so much fun "helping" and watching. With Walter all clean and the girls fed, we got in our pjs and relaxed until it was their bedtime. Once the girls were asleep, we grilled some salmon and had a tasty and healthy dinner. Then we settled in for some more Parenthood.

Sunday we got up and headed to breakfast again. We went to one of our favorite spots and were sure to load up as we were not going to eat until the Super Bowl party. Once we were home, I prepped some guacamole and the girls took their naps. Once they got up, we gave them another breathing treatment, packed their diaper bag and headed down to see my parents for their annual Super Bowl party.

We had SO MUCH food, some betting and a great time. The girls had so much fun following their papa around and playing with everyone's phones. The game was a nail biter and it ended in sadness. I am so sad that the Falcons didn't win. Once the game was over, we packed up and headed home since it was almost 8 pm and the girls were tired. They fell asleep on the way home.

We got home, put the girls down, cleaned up and then watched the last half of The Vow that was on tv and then headed to bed.

I have had a sore throat the last couple days and it seems to be getting worse. The lack of sleep and the girls being sick, wore me down. But at least we had a good weekend.

How was your weekend?

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  1. I'm sorry that you are starting the week off fighting off a cold - hoping it gets better fast!! Glad you finally have a complete set of chairs! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I am so sorry the girls are sick. You can't catch a break! Also that flight sounds like my worst nightmare. I'm already afraid of flying. That would have thrown me over the edge hahah. Hope you all have a good week and finally kick that sickness!!

  3. This is the same kind of weekend recaps I do. I am so bad at taking photos that I usually scrap the idea of this kind of post but you've shown me that others do it too so I'll share more of our weekends from now on.

  4. Oh my gosh, Danielle, that is so scary about Rory's plane. I'm so glad that everything is OK and that they were able to land safely somewhere else.

    And girl, now you're getting sick?! This just isn't right! Goodness gracious I know you're tired of it. I've been sick for 8 days now and I think I'm finally coming out of it. I took Nyquil last night hopefully for the last time. I'm so ready to be over this cough!

  5. OMG, Rory's trip home sounded terrifying! So glad he's okay! Mila always likes to "help" bathe Leonidas (and Maci for that matter), haha. Feel better, Danielle!

  6. Oh my word... I'm such a nervous flyer anyways - if something like that happened to me on a plane, I'd just rent a car & drive home. Nope... not getting back on one.
    Glad Rory is home though - SAFELY home.
    You've been running ragged lately - I hope you get some rest so you can boost up your immune system.

  7. That flight sounds crazy. I kind of freak out over the littlest thing when flying so that would be something my nightmares are made of. Yay for finally getting your chair in. Hopefully you are feeling better - you guys need a break!

  8. Hang in there girl and I hope you start feeling better soon. So glad Rory is okay and made it home safely.

  9. Hope you get better. I got a sore throat too :(

  10. I'm so glad Rory's flight ended up landing alright. I would have been a nervous wreck. Phew! Glad you guys were able to enjoy the rest of the weekend though! Hope the week goes well.

  11. Oh my goodness Rory's flight sounds so scary! So glad he got home OK!! Ughh the girls are still sick? I'm so sorry! I barely had any pics taken over the past week for the same reason. We came home at half time to finish the game and me and Rick couldn't believe it! Such a crazy ending!

    I hope you're not getting sick!!

  12. I hope the girls get to feeling better! That flight sounds so frightening. I do not love to fly and that would have freaked me out. Parenthood is such a great show! I am not sure if there was one episode that I didn’t cry.

  13. Sorry about that chair situation, that is annoying! I am so jealous you get to binge watch parenthood, I love that show to pieces. Hope you feel better friend!