Thursday, February 9, 2017

Girl Chat - Valentine's Day Plans

In case you missed it, no confessions today. Instead, today is the first Girl Chat link up. This month's topic is What are your Valentine's Day plans?

Awe yes, Valentine's Day. The day of Love. The day of expensive dinners, candies, flowers and chocolates.

So what will the Butler's do for Valentine's Day?

Well not much. Before kids, we loved going to a special dinner and showering each other with gifts. But with budgets, kids and finding babysitters, it gets harder and harder. And since Valentine's Day is on a Tuesday this year, we will be ordering in take out from our favorite Thai place and cuddling up to a couple episodes of Parenthood. It may be boring, but it is our life and I love it.

Instead of the big Valentine's Day, we have decided to do a half year anniversary dinner. Our anniversary is on August 17th, so we thought we would celebrate 3 1/2 years of marriage with dinner out on February 17th which happens to be a Friday.
LOVE sign wedding photos
 LOVE the foundation of our marriage
golf course wedding photos
I get to spend everyday with this perfectly imperfect man

I love this idea because I believe you should celebrate your love and your spouse EVERYDAY rather than a single day of the year. And it is a little change up. We will be "using" our monthly date night and having family watch the girls.

We have dinner reservations at one of our favorite local restaurants and then we will walk a short distance to a favorite bar for some after dinner drinks. We will get dressed up, have adult conversation and get back to the roots of where it all started. As Danielle and Rory. I can't wait for our little change up to Valentine's Day.

We agreed no gifts this year with our Mexico trip coming up in 36 days.
wedding photo ideas

Are you going traditional or changing it up for Valentine's Day? What are your Valentine's Day plans?

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  1. I love your non traditional plans! What a fun link up!

  2. I think your evening in on Valentine's Day sounds perfect! And doing a half year anniversary date is awesome. You guys will have a great time!

  3. Wooohooo for Mexico! Dinner from your favorite place, watching a great show and spending time with your favorite guy sounds perfect!

  4. I agree with you on this whole
    Post!! We don't have plans. I had tried to make a res for us to go out this weekend more so just to have a date and less to celebrate Valentine's Day. I plan on us having a yummy dinner and maybe watching a movie Tuesday. It's more about our kids now. Patrick's birthday is the 24 so we will try and combine celebrate both with a nice dinner out soon!

  5. That's such a cute idea! I love it! What a smart way to get a date night in with some extra sentimental value 😍

  6. I love that you celebrate your half year anniversary! What a great idea and sounds like it will be fun!

  7. Date nights are necessities so props to you for making it work! Thanks for hosting the link up!

    1. You are very welcome. And yes they are. They are sooo important.

  8. My husband is traveling next week so I'll be spending Valentine's Day with my little guy. And I agree, date nights are so important.

  9. Ordering in sounds perfect! I love the idea of celebrating the 1/2 anniversary. I am so jealous of your Mexico trip! Beautifully Candid

  10. We don't celebrate Valentines Day so I definitely love this idea of celebrating your half anniversary! So fun!

  11. I'm not a huge fan of Valentine's Day. I always feel bad for people that dont have a 'valentine' & I think every day should be celebrated with love. I have a hair appointment on V-day - that's how I'll celebrate :) haha

  12. Oh I love this! I love that you guys are going to dinner on Friday. B and I used to do that sometimes before we had kids if VDay fell on a weeknight. And I'm so jealous about your Mexico trip! Oh my goodness y'all are going to have so much fun! It will be nice to get away from the cold!

  13. Sounds like you're going to have great time! You two seem to know how to do it right :) Love the wedding pictures so beautiful!
    Happy Thursday!

  14. I miss good Thai food! We haven't found a place we love yet here in Huntsville. Loving your wedding photos :)

  15. I am with you, i beleive in showering people with love everyday, not just on a special day. My boyfriend has to work out of town on V day so I am doing date night at pure barre with my Daddy! Love seeing your wedding pics, too cute! You date night will be so fun!