Friday, February 3, 2017

Friday Favorites and Happenings

It's Friday and I can't thank the Lord enough that it is. This has been a long week. Between sick toddlers and my husband being out of town, I am beat. I can't wait to put some ear plugs in tonight and get a full nights rest. Rory gets to be on toddler duty tonight. If one wakes, he can tend to them. Single mommying is hard and I give mad props to all those mommies out there who do it all the time.

ONE. I have started shopping for Mexico vacation essentials. I usually hate it when stores release their Spring and Summer lines early, but I want them out NOW. I need to buy some new clothes. New shorts, summer dresses and some tops. I don't need a lot, but a few items here and there would be nice.

I did manage to find the cutest sandal on clearance this week. Look at these beauties. They are in a blush color with glittery bows. They were $17.60. I couldn't pass that up.
Melissa Harmonic Bow Jelly Sandals

TWO. I am about to get personal here, so proceed with caution. Remember how I said I had surgery 4 weeks ago? Well I did something for myself. Something that I have talked about before, but waited on since it wasn't the right time. I had breast augmentation. I have been recovering ever since then and am finally getting back into the swing of things. But I know some of you had questions on it and I feel like others would want to know the answers to the same questions. So if you have any questions on breast augmentation, send me an email or respond with a comment below and I will put together a post on my experience. I won't post any pictures except maybe a bikini before and after so you get the idea. And please no negative comments. Keep those to yourself if you are against breast augmentation. Thank you.

THREE. A few weeks ago, Lizzie said she wanted to host/co-host a monthly link up and asked if anyone was wanting to do the same. I immediately said I would love to. Other amazing bloggers wanted to join in as well and we created a new monthly link up called Girl Chat. So I will be joining Lizzie, Sierra, Lindsay and Emily for our monthly link up. If you don't already follow these ladies, head over to their blogs and check them out. They are some amazing bloggers!

Each month, we will have a different topic to talk about. Some are holiday themed and some are random, but all are things that will be fun to discuss. So please join us on February 9th for our first one. The topic is What is your ideal Valentine's Day? Gifts/No gifts? Go out/Stay in?

Lizzie created this button to add to your blog post. So please copy and add it accordingly. Then come back to one of our sites and link up on February 9th. And read some of the links and get to know other bloggers.

FOUR. I took the girls to the pediatrician on Monday since they still sounded awful. We had been doing breathing treatments since Friday, but their coughs were still pretty nasty. They were both checked out and Avery had a faint positive test for RSV. The dreaded RSV. My girls had RSV exactly one year ago. And exactly one year ago, Rory was on a work trip to Minneapolis. This time Chicago/Madison. How is it that they get THIS sick when he travels? Boo, he can't travel in the winter anymore.

Anyways, back to their sickness. We are still doing breathing treatments, giving them lots of fluids, raising their mattresses to have an incline (for better breathing), lots of snuggles and then I introduced a diffuser/humidifier on Tuesday night. We used to have a different humidifier but it got so dirty and moldy looking that we threw it out. It was a PAIN to clean. Emily mentioned last week that Amazon had a sale on a great diffuser so I bought it immediately and it showed up Tuesday night. I used it as the humidifier to help the girls and what a change that has been. I can't wait to use oils in it.
InnoGear Essential Oil Diffuser

FIVE. I have so many scars from life and motherhood that I am always on the search for good scar creams. Recently, a friend told me about Egyptian Magic. It isn't a cream specifically meant for scars as it is an all purpose skin cream, but she swears by it. I am up to try anything, so I finally bought myself some. I really hope it lessens the appearance of my scars. Have any of you used it? Thoughts?
Egyptian Magic

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  1. I bought that diffuser for the kid's rooms a while back and love it! It's perfect for their spaces. You will love it. I hope you get a good night sleep tonight and enjoy the weekend with Rory back.

  2. Does that scar cream work for fresh scars or just old scars? Good for you for doing something for yourself. If people have something negative to say, let them...some people will look for negative things to say about someone else. If you're happy, I'm happy for you :)

  3. Humidifiers can be life changing when sick! We have a vics vapor rub one the works wonders when Caroline is congested.

  4. Those shoes are so cute! I had no idea about the surgery, hope you are recovering well! And fingers crossed tonight you get a good nights sleep and those sweet girls are on the upswing!

  5. Love those cute shoes!! So glad you got the diffuser. I ended up ordering two more so I can keep one in each of the boys room! Grahams had the worst cold this week and it's been so nice to diffuse some oils in it at nap and bed. Excited for your link up! So glad you shared ab your surgery. I know everyone is going to be so supportive and most of all you did it for you so who cares what the naysayers say!! Happy weekend friend!!

  6. Oooo I totally want to see some pics of you rocking your new boobs! I'm glad you did something for you! That really is exciting!

    Ugh I can't believe RSV again, and again while Rory is out of town, what are the odds! So glad they are finally on the mend.

    I have never heard of that cream but now I'm intrigued??

    And lastly, I'm so excited for our link up, yayyyy!!!

  7. That's great that you did something for yourself!! Glad to hear your recovery has been going well!! Thanks for the cream suggestion girl!! Happy weekend! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  8. Good for you doing something that makes you happy about yourself. I always give people kudos for that. I have a friend doing a procedure today that is about bettering herself & she was worried what others thought & I kept reminding her that they dont have to live in her body - she does. You do you in the best way you can do!!! However that looks.

    Those sandals!!! I dont see "jelly shoes" & not think about how bad in the 80's that if your feet sweat, they were like walking on ice. Hopefully they've fixed that issue.
    Hope you get some good rest tonight. Daddy on duty 100%

  9. It bugs me when people have anything negative to say about an elective surgery like that. As you know, I want to do the same. When I've mentioned it over the years, people have said that I look fine the way I am and that I shouldn't do that for my body. But it will make me feel better if I do - and that's what matters. People need to keep their opinions to themselves sometimes. Good for you for doing something for you!! Looking forward to your new link up!!

  10. Let me know if that cream works. I have a scar I need to work on lightening. I ordered the same diffuser and it's been such a blessing in Connor's room. He has been sleeping much better already. When are you going to Mexico?? We are going at the end of April.

  11. Glad you're feeling good after your procedure and finally getting back in the swing of things. Good for you for doing something to make yourself feel good! And, I'm so sorry about the sickness. I can't imagine handling two littles through sickness when my husband was away. Sending positive vibes your way. Let me know how that scar cream works!

  12. Go girl! I'm so excited for you that you did something for yourself. I have always needed help in the chest area... I was definitely NOT blessed there and now that I've nursed two babies, it's like 100 times worse. I can't wait to see your bikini pics!! What cup size did you go with, if you don't mind me asking?

    Oh, and P.S. I can't wait to host with you ladies! It's going to be so much fun!

  13. My sister swears by the Egyptian magic cream. I am glad to know that your surgery was something you elected to do for you. Having kids wreaks havoc on "the girls" and I cannot imagine the double damage with twins. Can't wait to see the results! Enjoy your well deserved rest friend! have a good weekend.

  14. Good for you for doing something for you! I'm on the other end of the spectrum and am considering a reduction. I'm curious about your recovery- I imagine it wouldn't be too different, although I could be wrong. Any info would be great!

  15. Just stopping by to let you know that I pinned your 10 Things to do in Reno last year sometime. I just looked at my Pinterest Analytics data and it was my top re-pin of January! Keep those good ideas coming, Lady!

    BTW, I purchased Egyptian Magic from Costco last year. I use is occasionally, probably not enough to give an accurate review. It's SUPER slick! I can wear it at night only.

    Happy Weekend!

    1. That is awesome. Are you visiting Reno anytime soon?

      Good advice on the Egyptian Magic.

  16. The link-up looks like fun!! :) Boo for RSV and Yay for miracle creams!! I was a Mama Mio fan, but I think ANYTHING you put on can only help!!

  17. RSV sucks. Hope the girls are feeling better soon!

    Can't wait to read about your experience with augmentation! I wanna get it done too!

  18. Whether or not people agree with boob jobs isn't your problem. You did something that made you feel good about yourself and as a women we have to help empower each other not tear each other down. I'm sure you will look beautiful because when your feel beautiful on the inside it will show on the outside. And yes, single motherhood is rough. Glad you made it though the week, go reward yourself.

  19. I use egyptian magic as night cream on my extra dry days! It's a miracle.