Thursday, February 23, 2017


Another Thursday, another round of confessions.
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/ that every evening when we pick the girls up from daycare, they are soooo happy to see us until we go to put them in their car seats. Then they turn into crazy people and scream, cry and kick. We have to let them freak out for awhile and get all the looks from them crying until the girl settle down into their seats. I am soooo over this. Another reason we NEED to get them into daycare close to where we live.

/ that I am totally over this weather. I know I say it a lot, but I am soooo jealous of everyone's 70 and 80 degree weather. My mountain (ski resort I go to) has over 600 inches. This is a record breaking year. I love that part, but I hate commuting in it and just being in it. I need sunshine. Winter please leave.

/ that even though I have a huge crack in my windshield, I haven't gotten it repaired due to the weather. Another reason it needs to go away. Mama needs a new windshield. Don't worry, it isn't in my direct line of vision, but it is bad enough that it needs to be replaced soon-ish.

/ that I can't stop eating candy. Ugh, Why did my kids get so much goodies for Valentine's Day? Can't stop, need to stop.

/ that since I started running again, I feel ok when I have another piece of candy because running is burning it off, right? But I am sure my dentist won't be too pleased about it.

/ that I was a little worried when one of the people I am meeting in Mississippi told me that I needed to change my hotel to the surrounding suburb because the one I was in, is pretty dangerous at night. They all carry guns to work and said that I need to be super careful. Ugh. I changed my hotel in seconds.



  1. I'm so sorry the girls have been fighting their car seats. Emmy does that sometimes too and I remember Cam doing it some too. Damn kids and realizing their independence.

  2. Wyatt does that sometimes with his seat, too. So over it!

  3. the car seat struggle is real...Graham does it all the time and it drives me insane! Funny that you are over winter and i'm currently here saying I'm over this warm winter already...i would have loved to have some 50s but instead we are going to have just makes me think that come august its going to be 150!! haha

  4. I cannot handle the car seat shenanigans!! It drives me crazy! LOL! You guys went last week to look at the new daycare right? What did they say about getting the girls in? Boo for a cracked windshield!

  5. Sorry to hear it's been cold by you! We had a bunch of warm days here. I got some post Valentine's Day candy and ate the whole bag, so I know what you mean!

  6. Nothing is worse than the carseat battle. Hopefully the girls outgrow it and it is just a little phase! We have NO SNOW left here-one of the driest Minnesota winters I have seen honestly, but I am still SOOO ready for the spring weather to stick around permanently. Yay for getting back into running. Doesn't it just make you feel like a million bucks?

  7. Sending you lots of our warm weather! It's already almost 80 degrees here in Louisiana.

  8. I am the exact same way with the candy & running thing. Add in Girl Scout Cookies now too... sigh...
    Poor girls. You'd think they'd know they were heading home. Hopefully the car seat tantrums stop soon.

  9. Tim picks up the girls from daycare and 90% of the time Mila throws a fit once she's in his car. Kids! And this only really happens after daycare - no other time.

  10. We've had some Spring weather, but I think it is supposed to get cold! And, I feel ya on the car seat. Ben is the same way. Hope the hotel situation turns out alright. That sounds scary! Be safe.

  11. Oh yikes to the hotel changing! What city will you be in? We need to figure out when/where we are meeting up too!

  12. Oh my word - Mississippi sounds scary!!! Be careful!

  13. Wow- what a scary hotel! Glad you changed!! And I sometimes have that same thought about eating a little something extra when I run.

    1. Haha. So glad I am not the only one that thinks that way.

  14. My little guys get like that with their car seats too! I always feel like all eyes are on me as a crazy parent trying to get them in the car lol. I think it's because mine just want to keep running around and playing. I hope you get some nice weather soon!