Tuesday, October 4, 2016


We had a pretty great weekend, so I couldn't pass up a weekend recap.

Friday after work, we picked up the girls and grabbed sandwiches to go so the girls could get home for their naps. Well their schedule was too off or they wanted to play more, so they didn't nap at all. I was worried they would be grumpy by dinnertime, but they powered through.

Rory had a haircut, so the girls and I played around the house. One of their favorite things to do right now is to bounce on our yoga ball, so we did that for at least a half hour.

Once Rory got home, we headed out to a bunch of tile stores and had no luck. We did find out that slate tile in the kitchen isn't that great if you have little ones, so we are now on the search for porcelain that looks like slate or a darker tile. #thesearchcontinues

We went home for dinner and baths and then bedtime for the girls. Rory and I watched some college football and went to bed early.

Saturday we headed to our favorite place for Fall....Apple Hill. My in-laws joined us since they hadn't been in years. We made a quick stop at breakfast and then made the 2 hour-ish drive to our first stop, Smokey Ridge Farmstand and Charcuterie. We had never been there before, but it was recommended by a co-worker. They had all sorts of yummy apples, wine (which I tasted), meats, cheeses, jams and butters. We bought a few things and headed onto our next stop, Boa Vista Orchards.

It was chaotic there, but we had to get our pickled veggies, flavored almonds, some bread, more apples and a bbq tool. There was no time for pictures there due to it being extremely crowded.

Next, we headed to El Dorado Orchards because we heard there was a train there and we wanted to take the girls on it. The girls had a blast on it. Get ready for picture overload.
El Dorado Orchards
 Waiting for the train
 She may not look like it, but she was having fun.
 Sutton and daddy
 The sign said to look out for turtles, but we didn't see any

The girls were enjoying some bread and ran around for a good hour.

Next, we headed to Rainbow Orchards, another place we had never been to. We heard they were the birth place of the apple donut, so we opted for this place instead of our usual place for apple donuts. The line was long, but the donuts smelled like heaven. The wait was only 20 minutes, so my mother-in-law and I waited while Rory and his dad played with the girls on the hay bales. The apple donuts were as good as promised, maybe even better. And their apple cider is amazing!
Apple Hill
baked goods
Just a sampling of their baked goods

After a quick diaper change, we were off to our next stop, Grandpas Cellar. We came here for pie, cinnamon apple sauce (to die for) and to see the emu. The girls were running around like crazy and we still had one stop left, so we didn't stay for long.

Next, we went to O'Halloran's Apple Trail Ranch with one thing in mind....pumpkins! We wanted to take the girls to a real pumpkin patch and let them pick pumpkins out. They tried to pick up all the pumpkins, but never really picked one out. So we picked some out and will carve them later this month.
pumpkin patch
pumpkin patch
pumpkin patch
pumpkin patch
pumpkin patch

We paid for our pumkpins and then headed back to South Lake Tahoe. The girls napped for about 30 to 45 minutes in the car and then we stopped for dinner. We went to a burger place in South Lake and it was really good. The girls were in great spirits and flirting with everyone there.
It was chilly out, so we put our coats/shirts over the girls heads while walking back to the car.

We made our trek back to the car and headed home. We put the girls to bed immediately and watched some football.

Sunday was a lazy day. I picked up some coffee and coffee cake for Rory and I and the girls ate pancakes at home. Then we ran to Home Depot for some painting and renovation supplies. At 11, I headed out to brunch with my friends. It felt so good to see them after 2 months. Ya, it has been awhile. We had mimosas, ate good food and laughed a ton.

Once I got home, it was time to change and take down some cabinets. In our pantry area, we have extra cabinets that we wanted to take down. We are leaving the pantry there, but want to make the rest of the area a mud room. The first cabinet was easy, but the second was a lot harder. It was screwed in everywhere it seemed. 
cabinet remodel
cabinet remodel
After removal. We still have a lot to do with this space.

I also painted the underside of all remaining cabinets. Since we are having our cabinets refaced, we wanted the underside to match our new doors and siding. I color matched the new cabinets and got to work. I thought it would take me an hour to hour and a half, but it took over three hours. The first coat was easy, but the second coat I had to be more meticulous to get all dark areas covered. Needless to say, after I was done, I was exhausted. I didn't finish until after 6 pm, so making dinner went out the door. Luckily, Rory fed the girls their dinner while I painted. We ate some heirloom tomatoes (from our garden), avocado and local balsamic vinegar for dinner. Simply and easy. I ended my night with a fire, a glass of wine and Secrets and Lies.

How was your weekend?


  1. What a fun day on Saturday. The girls look so happy. Who doesn't love a day full of fall goodness? I can't wait to see what all you guys do. I'm loving the photos you've shared, but it only makes me more nosy. ;)

  2. Seriously, Saturday looked like the absolute best time. I'm so glad that the girls were such great troopers at all of your stops & the car rides! What a fabulous weekend!

  3. Oh my gosh, your Saturday looked amazing!! The girls were such troopers too!! Yay for taking down cabinets and painting, you're a rockstar!

  4. What a perfect fall weekend. ... its so much fun to do all things pumpkin picking with kiddos. See it through their eyes.
    Hey, I enjoy bouncing on a yoga ball myself ;) haha

  5. Girl you were busy! But man I wish we had some fun fall places to take E.

  6. Wow busy weekend! Your girls are rock stars being so good for all those fun stops :-)

  7. Oh my gosh, so much crammed in on Saturday! Sooo jealous of the apple donuts!!!

  8. What a great weekend! And apple donuts?! Oh man, those sound really yummy.

  9. Looks so fun! I just love kids & pumpkins--such joy!! The fire & wine is second best ;)

  10. What a great weekend! Looks like such a fun day for the girls on Saturday! Good luck on the tile search. I can't wait to see your finished kitchen!

  11. The time at the orchards looks like such fun! And that sweets display - yum!

  12. Wow, what a great weekend! The apple picking looks like it was amazing. I love it. And those little hats they had on...the BEST. Glad you got so much done around the house and had girl time. All fabulous! Such a perfect weekend.

  13. What a perfect Fall weekend with the family! I can't wait to go and pick apples :) And your little girls are the cutest!

    Melinda @mylifebeingrenewed

    1. Thank you so much. It was a really fun weekend. Definitely one for the books.