Thursday, October 27, 2016

Confessional Thursday

It's time for some confessions. So sit back, relax and enjoy. And if you feel like linking up, grab the button, confess and come back here.
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/ that I hate being sick. And that it isn't fair to be sick when you have kids. Mommies and daddies shouldn't get sick because they can't take care of their littles to the best of their ability.

/ that I wrote this post yesterday morning, so hopefully I am on antibiotics (I hate having to resort to them) and on the mend.

/ that when I come home for the day and not much work was done on the renovations, I curse silently in my head because I wanted to stay home today.

/ that I closed my eyes and asked the nurse not to tell me my weight at the doctor's office. I hate their scales and don't want to feel worse. I workout, I feel pretty good about myself and that is all that matters. Numbers don't.

/ that I have one and a half episodes of Gilmore Girls left and I don't want it to end even though season 7 hasn't been that great. I love this show and will miss it. Good thing the Year in the Life of starts in less than a month.

/ that I am super bummed about postponing our family pictures. I am too sick to be outside and I am sure I look really miserable which doesn't make for cute family photos. A red nose is not the look I am going for.

/ that I really want a big bowl of tomato soup and grilled cheese. Yum. I love comfort food when I am sick.

/ that I had some working mom guilt Tuesday. I stopped in to see my girls and drop something off at daycare mid morning and they were painting their pumpkins (or getting ready to). Avery jumped off her chair, ran up to me and said mom, look. I scooped her up, she gave me a hug and then I helped her back into her chair. Sutton was showing me her pumpkin and it made me feel like I was missing out on their craft fun. I need to step my crafting game up and do more painting/drawing/coloring/crafting with my girls on the weekends. Any suggestions on toddler friendly crafts for 22 month olds?

/ that I can't wait to see my girls in their costumes on Monday! They are going to be the cutest donuts there EVER was. What are your kids going to be for Halloween?

And that's all my brain can muster. Happy Thursday All!


  1. I hope you feel better. Being sick is the worst, especially as a mom. Hopefully you get some rest so you can start to mend. Can't wait to see the girl's costumes.

  2. I'm so sorry you're sick! Take those meds and you'll feel better in no time! 'Having to reschedule pictures stinks but you'll feel so much better doing it after you've recovered! I can imagine how slow the process of redoing your kitchen is. It'll come together soon!!

  3. I reaally hope you're on the mend now! Being sick is so miserable!! I loooooove grilled cheese and tomato soup, it's a fall/winter staple around here. I'm sorry you were having working mom guilt! It's totally normal to feel that way - I use to feel like that when I worked too. Do you have those dot markers? I know my girls love using them. Here's a link but you can find them at michaels (and use a coupon!) - then go on Pinterest and search dot marker printables and tons of cute sheets will come up. These are just fun activities to do whenever, so not really crafty but I thought I would share!

  4. Girl, get better. And we know I am on the working mom guilt train with you.

  5. Aw feel better mama! It really is so hard being sick with kiddos. I also remember when we were building and I would drive by once, if not twice a day. And every time I drove by and saw little to no progress I silently screamed! Patience is a hard thing to have sometimes ;-) Can't wait to see the girls Halloween costumeS!

    1. Thank you so much. Yes it is hard being sick with kids. Patience is hard. I do love seeing the progress everyday, even if it is a small amount. Costumes are coming Monday!

  6. I'm still on season one of gilmore girls #failing
    I actually got weighed at the doctors office Monday & was surprised that the number was lower then expected. If it were higher, I know it would have totally ruined my day.
    Hope you are feeling better!

  7. I can't wait for pictures of the girls as donuts!!! Ahhh! And yay to the new Gilmore Girls episodes so soon! I wanted to watch the whole series again before they came out, but last time I did that two years ago it took me from October 1st-some time in obviously I missed the boat on that one!

  8. I hope your antibiotics kicked in and you're feeling better today! And you're right, moms should never be allowed to get sick. Just not fair at all.

  9. Feel better! Renovations seriously seem like they move at a snails pace - hope yours does the opposite and speeds up!

  10. Poor thing, I hope you feel better. I totally know what you mean about being sick when you have a baby. I remember when Ben was about three months old I got mastitis (and at first I thought it was the flu - similar symptoms) and I felt soooo awful. I didn't know how to take care of him during the day when I could barely get out of bed. It was so rough. Plus you have two little ones. Eat some tomato soup and get some rest missy!