Thursday, October 13, 2016

Confessional Thursday

It's time for another round of confessions. I hope you will join me below.

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/ that I haven't started packing away my kitchen. We have the contractor and crew coming over Monday morning and we need to have the kitchen cleared out. Most of it anyways. We can keep most of our things in the cabinets, but everything on the counters and in some cabinets needs to come out. So much work and so not wanting to do it.

/ that I am spending my lunch at the store looking at a faucet and pendant lights. So many decisions to make. I just want to make sure it looks cohesive.

/ that I also need to buy boxes at the store today so I can pack stuff away. I HAVE to remember.

/ that I am super bummed the Giants lost on Tuesday night. No more beliEVEN.

/ that I still haven't started watching Parenthood. I am dying to see it, but every time we sit down to watch it on Netflix, we get distracted or have something on dvr that we need to watch first.

/ that I finished another book, No One Knows, by J.T. Ellison and I enjoyed it. It kept me thinking the entire time of what happened to Aubrey's husband. I didn't want to put it down because I just had to know the ending. The ending was ok, but the book was overall a good one.

/ that I started Pretty Baby, by Mary Kubica and I can't wait to finish it on my trip. I really liked her other book The Good Girl, so I am hoping this one lives up to it. Any other suggestions on books I should read next?

/ that I found a new candy to love. Not sure if this is good or bad. Probably bad. But Mattie talked about Trolli Sour Eggs recently and I knew I had to try them since I love the sour worms. The eggs did not disappoint and I am already craving more of them. Rory hated them FYI. He has no taste in candy. Ha.

/ that all of my packages from Loft, Nordstrom, Amazon and Mac have been arriving all at once and my husband has been giving me the side eye at all of them. Dang you Loft for sending my stuff in two different packages.

And that's it for my confessions. Come back tomorrow for my Friday Favorites.


  1. It's amazing the amount of decisions it takes to do a renovation. Can't wait to see everything and the finished product.

  2. Can't wait to see the process of your kitchen! How exciting!

  3. Packing away a kitchen sounds so not fun! But the end product will be worth it! It's always fun to get packages. Can't wait to see what's in them! I had planned on linking up today but am dealing with a sick child. If I have time I will get my post done!!

  4. Ah I know the feeling of having to pack everything away! We did our kitchen a couple of years ago. And I'm sorry you're sad about the Giants but we are ECSTATIC about the Cubs!!

  5. I hate when Loft ships things in a million packages. Youre like "I swear it was only ONE purchase" haha. Good luck with the packing of the kitchen--I know that's going to be a chore, but in the end, totally worth it!

  6. Yay kitchen!! Ugh for packing it. But just think of how much you will love it when its done.

  7. Do what I do and send the packages to your parents house he'll never know! When I get a package at home Mike says to me "What did you order now??"

  8. Lol at the side eye from your husband over the packages...that is a regular occurrence in our house too. Also, I feel you on trying to make sure everything is cohesive when picking things out. I'm right there too. Have a good day, girl!

  9. Good luck packing up the kitchen, I cannot wait to see the finished product! I have a lot of packages coming this week too, preparing for side eye! Have a great day!

  10. I havent ever gotten past half of the first season of Parenthood myself. Dont feel alone.
    Oh gosh - packing up a kitchen? That seems daunting. Sending you good luck on that!

  11. Girl, WATCH PARENTHOOD! You won't be sorry! And I feel the same way... I want to watch Gilmore Girls so bad, but B doesn't want to watch it, so we always end up watching something else instead. I'm going to have to make time for that one!

    And LOL about the packages. I'm sure B thinks the same of me sometimes as well. That's why I could never not have a job... I like to shop too much!

  12. YES the Trolli eggs are sooo good!!! I love Parenthood, I think you'll be hooked whenever you do start it! I was sad about the Giants too. Michael's mom is a HUGE fan and it was so cool they had their even streak. So sad for that to end!

  13. I need to add those books to my list! I loved The Good Girl too. Bummer about the Giants!

  14. Parenthood is amazing! And there is a new show This Is Us that is super similar if you want to watch something more in real time.