Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Labor Day Weekending

Another weekend in the books and another weekend closer to the end of the year. I can't believe how fast time is flying right now, but we are soaking in as much as possible.

This weekend was pretty amazing even though it was a bit hectic.

Friday after work, we took the girls over to my parents house and loaded up their car with all of the girls' things, so they could go camping. As soon as we left, I was already missing them. But we didn't have much time, so we headed back to Reno for a quick lunch and then Rory dropped me off at my hair appointment. I may have even fell asleep when my hair was setting. Maybe. After two hours of glorious time in the chair, I took an Uber to the tailgate where I indulged on food and yummy drinks.

It was finally game time and time to go see the renovations to the stadium. Our ticket prices went way up this year to accommodate the renovations and I am happy to say that I am liking it so far.
 Finally a new screen and sound system. It's the little things.
Gorgeous sunset over the field.

The Wolf Pack barely pulled out a win in overtime, but I will take it. It felt so good to be back in the stadium watching college football. This weekend, the Pack heads to Notre Dame which will probably end in us getting crushed, but I will still be watching it. Unfortunately, with my work travel, I will miss the next home game, so I won't be going to another one until early October. Boo.

After the game, we were hungry since we ate so early, so we decided to venture out for some food. We felt sort of weird since we can't do that anymore with the girls being at home, but since they were gone, we took full advantage of it. First, we tried to go get some fries, but the lines were crazy. So we went to my favorite pizza place for a huge slice and it did NOT disappoint. So good!!

Saturday morning, we went to breakfast and came home to finishing packing up our stuff for camping. We made it to the camp grounds about 1 pm and the girls were already taking their nap. So we just hung out, had a beer and enjoyed the sunshine.

Once the girls got up, we were excited to play with them, but they had other plans. They were a bit sassy, so it made for an eventful evening. Of course, they were perfect angels for grandma and grandpa. Isn't that how it always is?

After the girls went to bed, we sat by the campfire and hung out with family and friends. And I may have cried over the fact that I couldn't participate in my Fantasy Draft that evening since the girls wouldn't let it happen. I did manage to pick 4 players and then went into auto draft. Let's hope I do decent with this team. Luckily, it isn't my money league.

Sunday, we got up bright and early to play with the girls who were in much better moods. My mom made us all breakfast and we took many walks and played all day long. When the girls went down for a nap, we went and had ice cream, a drink in the bar and watched some football. 

Once the girls were up, we went on another walk to a grassy area to play around. And this is where my girls decided to hold hands and melt all of our hearts. So sweet. You may have seen my video on IG showing them holding hands.
 Daddy and Sutton
 Holding hands

That evening, we watched Zootopia in my parents 5th wheel while we made the girls and ourselves dinner. The girls were having the best time. It was a really good day. After they went to bed, we sat by the fire once again and it was sooo nice to relax with family and friends.

Monday morning we got up early again and this time I made everyone breakfast. Pancakes which were a hit with the girls, but that isn't a surprise since they love pancakes. 

After breakfast, we packed up while my parents took the girls for a walk. Around 11 am, we headed out for the almost two hour drive home.

But on the way, we stopped at Starbucks for some coffee and a pupacchino for Walter.

Once we got home, we took showers and baths, did a bunch of laundry, cleaned the house, went grocery shopping, mowed the lawn, made dinner and the girls crashed out early. After dinner, we had to give Walter a bath and now he smells so nice and is sooo soft.

We ended the evening with some Bachelor in Paradise and scotch. Perfect way to end Labor Day weekend.

How was your weekend?

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  1. What a great start to the long weekend and oh my gosh them holding hands is just too sweet! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. That is ALWAYS the way - how kids have plans of their own & how those plans change around grandparents :) Our grand sons listen so well to their grandfather - me? They just laugh. haha

  3. Love that you got in some precious YOU time! And a little nap in the chair? No shame girl!!

  4. Sounds like a great weekend! Love the pic of the girls holding hands! So sweet!

  5. I love them holding hands! Sisters are just the very BEST. I love your hair too, and yay for napping in the chair. You deserve it. Looks like such an amazing and beautiful weekend. Also, isn't it funny how kids are always better for family or even strangers than their own parents, hahaha.

  6. What a gorgeous sunset at the game! Aren't you so excited that college football is back?! There's just nothing like it. And oh my gosh, that picture of the girls holding hands is the sweetest thing!

  7. I need to know what's in a pupachino.

  8. What a fun weekend! The game looks like a total blast. I want to go back for a Purdue game so badly. Hopefully next year. :) Camping looks like fun. Oh Sassy girls!

  9. The girls are getting so big!!! And they're so cute! It's a good thing for when they're sassy! ;P

  10. Your weekend sounds absolutely perfect!! Tailgating for football games is seriously the best! I miss that!

    Camping with your parents and the girls sounds so nice!

  11. What gorgeous shots from the game! That sunset was amazing! That video of your girls on IG was the cutest thing ever. They are so adorable! Tell me more about this pupacchino - I've never heard of it before!

  12. The photo of your girls holding hands is just so precious! They are going to be best friends!