Friday, September 9, 2016

Friday Happenings

It's Friday already. I can hardly believe it. When I want the week to fly by, it goes at a slow turtle pace. But when I need the extra time, I can barely blink and it is Friday. It doesn't help that this week was a short week.

But I am here and ready to tackle the day.

One. I so wish that cute utility vest would magically appear at my house today, so I could take it to Europe with me. But alas, it is not. No patience around here. But I had to share it again because I love it so much and can't wait to wear it all the time and find new outfits to pair it with.

Pearl and Monroe also posted this shirt and it took everything in me not to buy it. Self control Danielle.

Two. We are headed to the pediatrician this afternoon. Remember how Miss Avery had a boil on her bum not too long ago? Well now Sutton has one or something similar. So we want to get it checked out before I leave on my trip and make sure she is ok. At least we get to see how much she weighs and what her stats are. I always love seeing how much my girls have grown and change since the last appointment. I don't love paying the pediatrician though. Ha.

Three. Rory was in LA on Tuesday night for work and instead of doing laundry or starting to pack, I tried on all my new clothes (from my gift cards) and my new Clark boots. I loved my boots so much that I finally decided to throw out my old black riding boots that had a hole in the bottom. But I didn't stop there. I started going through all of my shoes and getting rid of so many pairs. 

I like to keep my nicer shoes in their boxes and stack them. Well I had a bunch of empty boxes since the shoes were on the closet floor. But I got rid of about 20 boxes and 10 pairs of shoes. My closet looks so much better. Plus it made room for new shoes!

Four. I am leaving on a jet plane tomorrow and I am so excited and nervous. I have several guest posts coming your way over the next two weeks. All of them are new guest posters and some of my favorite bloggers. There is a post on makeup, motherhood, Fall things, loving yourself and many more. I can't wait to introduce you all to some of my blogging friends.

Five. As always, I am window shopping or putting everything into my shopping cart online and never buying it. I need all the good deals and then I will drop the money. Recently, this has been in and out of my shopping cart. Good news for me is, it is sold out. Bad news is, it will be back soon and my wallet will lose some cash.

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  1. There is nothing wrong with trying on your clothes! Ha ha. I do that sometimes too when I got new things or am getting ready for something. And you went through shoes, so it was time that was efficient. ;) I hope the appointment to the pediatrician makes you feel relief before you leave. Safe travels.

  2. Still loving that vest and the cardi you posted at the end of the post! Hope everything is ok with Sutton!! Have a great trip girl :)

  3. I love that vest! Safe travels, girl! I hope these next couple of weeks go fast for you!

  4. I saw that long sleeve tee too and had to use self control!! Safe travels to you!

  5. That vest is everything! I may need to do some online shopping... Safe travels!

  6. I have to laugh when I get all these emails now that remind me of all the stuff I left in a cart :) haha

  7. LOOOOVE that vest! So cute!

    And your new boots are gorgegous!

    I can't wait to see who your guest posters are! I always loving hearing from different ladies when you travel.

    I hope you have the best trip! Save travels! And I hope everything checks out with Sutton today!

  8. I love that sweater sitting in your shopping cart! It looks so cozy!

  9. I love that utility vest! SO cute!
    Have a great trip! XOXO

  10. I had to give up my P&M vest because of budget cuts at our house. Long story I totally need to fill you in on. Have so much fun on your trip and hoping Sutton's little bum is ok.

  11. Yay you found boots! I like those, and great price, in my size at least. Sorry the vest didn't get there in time, more room to bring stuff back! Safe travels!

  12. Shoes are one of my favorite things to purge because it happens so rarely and they take up so much room and they actually get worn out so it feels productive.