Thursday, September 1, 2016

Confessional Thursday

It's Thursday and I am here for another installment of Confessional Thursday. Grab the button, write your confessions and come back here to link up with me.
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/ that I really wanted a backyard like my family has in Inverness/Point Reyes, CA. It was so big, luscious and beautiful. We would have to move to a bigger house or to the Bay Area and I am not moving to the Bay Area. Which brings me to my next confession...

/ that I hate Bay Area traffic. It was the worst. To sit there for a half an hour and barely get through a mile kills me. Just kills me. Especially when you have fussy toddlers. They prefer to be moving in the car. When we stop like that, they think it is time to get out of the car.

/ that Rory and I may have emptied a bottle of wine Saturday evening after our day in Inverness.

/ that I have been counting down the days until tomorrow because it is our first home game of the season. I love going to watch Wolf Pack. Plus, our lady babies will be out camping with my parents, so we get to enjoy a full three hours of tailgating! That hasn't happened since the girls were born.

/ that I can't wait until we go camping Saturday with my family and friends. We are camping in style. My parents got a brand new 5th wheel and we will be camping inside that baby for two days. Bring on the glamping.

/ that I love having friends who own the Wolf Pack official merchandising store. I saw a shirt on a mannequin that I HAD to have, but couldn't find it in the store, so my friend hand delivered it to my house to wear tomorrow.

/ that Fall is here (ok not officially) and I had my first Fall-ish drink this week. I told myself I would wait until September 1st, but I broke down on Monday (the 29th). I had a delicious dirty chai latte. Yum. Tastes like Fall.

/ that I am really wanting to get in a girls night before I leave for two weeks, but our days are so busy between renovation appointments and work that I might not be able too. Boo.


  1. I hear you on traffic. The worst. If we head toward Charlotte traffic seems to be backed up any time of the day. So annoying! Have so much fun glamping and at the game.

  2. Ugh I hate traffic too! Our area has some major traffic and it's SUPER annoying! We always check Waze before we leave for anywhere just in case there's an accident or back up for no reason. I hope you have a good time with the camping!!

  3. I despise traffic. My commute to work is towards Philly and it sucks. While I get off the highway before I hit the real Philly traffic, I still get my fair share and I hate it. Tim works in the apparel industry and it's SO nice to be able get fun clothes sometimes! I'm with you on that! So what's a dirty chai? I LOVE chai lattes, but I never had a dirty one (that I know of).

  4. Chai with pumpkin is my go to fall drink. Looking foward to getting one, but it REALLLYYYY needs to cool down first :)
    That's the only way I'd camp. GLAMPING! The only way to go!

  5. Love camping, and love chai lattes. I make them at home nonstop during the cold months.

  6. Girl, enjoy yourself tomorrow! You guys are going to have so much fun tailgating! B and I are going to the game as well, but since it's in ATL and not Athens, we won't be tailgating... just doing a little bit of exploring before instead. Y'all have fun!

  7. Enjoy your tailgating this weekend! And your new shirt - that definitely works out in your favor having friends in the right places. :)

  8. How fun you get to tailgate!! We love going to Bears games (football) but it's been years since I've gone because I've always been pregnant or nursing and they are such long days to get a sitter for. I'm hoping this year I can go!

  9. I'm ready for Fall too! I have bought quite a few fall things already. Also, I can't wait to hear about this glamping! I think I could actually handle that hahaha.