Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Guest Post - You Know You're a Mom When

Today I have Mackensey from Stang&Co guest posting for me. I have absolutely loved following along in her journey through motherhood. From her fashion posts to her birth stories, I know she and I would be amazing friends if we ever get to meet in person. I "met" Mackensey through blogging and I have been following her ever since. Plus she writes some awesome confessions! She has two amazing little boys and I love seeing how different boymoms and girlmoms are. Enjoy!

While Danielle is off experiencing incredible Europe, I am stopping by today and am thrilled to be a guest on her blog! Can I just begin by saying how jealous I am of the travels she gets to do!? She is one awesome mom and lucky lady to experience the world through her job.

My name is Mackensey, and you can find my little corner of the internet over at Stang&Co. I blog about everything, from mommy mishaps, to fashion, to balancing out being a working mom with little ones at home. I live in the Midwest, have purchased more baby pajamas in the past two yeras than I care to admit, and am convinced that nothing is better for the soul than baking a batch of brownies. Stop on over to my page and say hi!

Lately, my life is consumed with motherhood. Having two under the age of two will do that to a person. Sometimes, I catch myself doing or saying something that cuases me to freeze and think, wow, when did I become a real mom? All of those other people are moms, but not me, right? Just because I have two little people attached to my hip doesn't warrant me the status of being an actual mom, does it? While protecting our sweet babies from the moment they are born is instinct, feeling comfortable in our mom skin is a bit more of a gradual process. if you have found yourself doing any number of the things on the list below though, you have most definitely earned yourself the title of MOM.

You know you're a mom when:

1. You look down at your shirt and are unsure whether it is spit up, boogers or food on your shoulder. And then you move on with what you were doing because you really don't care.
2. You have drawers full of burp cloths and towels, but are lazy and when boogers and spit up happen, you use your own sleeve or whatever piece of dirty clothing may be laying around and use that instead.
3. You tell your husband you have to "go to the bathroom" and lock the door for half an hour, using this time to check your phone, tweeze your eyebrows, or just shut your eyes for a few minutes.
4. A legitimate daily task is ensuring that one of your children does not kill the other one.
5. Bedtime is no longer something you look forward to, but rather dread as you know it is going to be a two-hour process, usually ending with someone in tears (and the person in tears is probably you!).
6. Nothing gives you a greater high than stacking coupons and scoring the deal of the year on diapers.
7. You go shopping for yourself, and walk out empty handed but with two new outfits for each of your children.
8. Chicken nuggets are a staple in your freezer, and life will cease to exist if you accidentally run out.
9. You have been pooped on in public, and it almost always happens that one time that you brave a run into Target without the diaper bag.
10. You know all of the words to the children's CD that is in your car. And you catch yourself listening and singing along, even when your children aren't with you.
11. The only vacation you have taken recently was to grab a Starbucks and roam the aisles of Target by least until your husband texts you five minutes later asking when you will be home.
12. You find yourself regularly saying things such as "don't stick that in your nose", "get your hands out of your pants", and "No, don't eat that"!
13. Cute home decor is tucked away in your closet because your toddler decided your seasonal pumpkins made great bowling balls to throw down the stairs.
14. You look at stay at home mom's and think nothing but the absolute highest of them, because you know they have the hardest job on the planet.
15. Going to work in the morning often leaves you feeling giddy, because it is when you will finally be able to sip on a hot cup of coffee in peace.
16. You no longer share pictures of nights out or cute outfits, but rather have to refrain from sharing every adorable and precious thing your children do throughout the day.
17. Despite it all, your heart has never been more full, and you find yourself repeating what everyone always told you but you never really understood. That you love those little monsters more and with a deeper fierceness than you ever knew existed.

What are your "a-ha" moments in motherhood when you realized you were officially a member of the club!? I would love to hear about those little experiences that (looking back on) make you laugh!

Thank you so much Mackensey! When I first read this, I was nodding my head along to almost every single one of these. Being a mother is the most challenging and rewarding thing I have ever done in my life. I never knew if I had the mom gene, but now having children, they are what I live for. Through their crazy actions (like throwing mommy's candles and seasonal decor) to their hugs and kisses, I wouldn't change being a mom for anything.

I think we both have totally earned our mom badges!!

Please head over to Mackensey's blog and follow along.


  1. Ha ha this list was great! I so relate to 2,4,5,8,12 and 17!!

  2. Love! Glad you linked up today!

  3. Every single one of these!! Especially #7!! It happens every single time and they do NOT need anymore clothes! Haha.

  4. I think number 1 happened to me pretty quick after baby #1 and it definitely made me feel like a mom! Great post!