Saturday, August 16, 2014

Treat's Anniversary Card

This post is brought to you by Treat.
All the craze right now is to design your own everything.  From announcements to wedding invitations to cards, it seems like we all want to personalize our gifts.  We take the perfect picture for our Christmas cards and design the card so it is unique in every way.

Recently I was contacted by Treat which is part of the Shutterfly family.  They wanted to see if I would be interested in making a personalized card for someone, anyone.  Seeing that I had a million things going on this summer, I knew I could make something for every event.  Except I couldn't choose.

I thought of personalized wedding cards for my sister-in-laws wedding, or my best friends wedding, or my dad's birthday.  But then it hit me.  I want to make/customize an anniversary card to my husband.  We try to get each other cards that are not the everyday, every person type of cards.  We want to show each other that we put some thought and time into the cards we chose.  Hence, why Treat was the perfect solution for me.

First you chose which type of card or item you want to customize.  Easy, anniversary card.  Then you look through a bunch of designs (that you can really customize) and try to choose just one.  I wanted to pick a few, but I know I have them for the next fifty plus years.

I chose the card, A Year In Love.  This way I could add a picture from every month we have been married.  Now there were two months that I didn't take any photos of us and I had to search around to find the right one or just use a photo of myself.  But the process was fun to go through our photos over the last year and remember what we have gone through.  Definitely a tear jerker.

Here is what I came up with for my front cover.
Football games, honeymoon, vacations, weddings, Christmas, golfing and our amazing wedding day.  We had a very blessed year together.  Isn't my husband just the most handsome man ever?  I am kind of biased, I know.

But the customization doesn't stop there.  I was able to customize the inside completely.  You can chose different layouts, texts and colors.  This way you say something that is meaningful to you and your recipient.  Sometimes you just can't find a card with the right words.  This is where Treat comes into play.

I chose two wedding photos that I absolutely love.  It is really easy to upload your photos and it even gives you an option to crop it yourself or have them do it.  Then I wrote some mushy stuff to my husband and customized the colors.

Finally, I customized the back and it is simple, but cute.
I used a favorite wedding photo (yet again) and put I'm Yours right under it.  The I'm Yours refers to the last part of my husband's vows.  Cue the crying because I remember those words like it was yesterday.  "Danielle MiddleName MaidenName, I'm Yours".

I can't wait to give my husband this card tomorrow on our anniversary.

So next time you want a completely customized card or gift, check out Treat and get your personalization on.

I received my card for free as part of this sponsored review, but all opinions are my own.


  1. I love this app! May use it for an x-mas card or something after we get married next weekend!

    1. You should! My husband loved his card and how personalized it was. Congrats on getting married in a few days. August is a great month for weddings!