Monday, August 4, 2014

Birthday Weekend

I have procrastinated all day on writing a weekend update.  I had an amazing weekend, but Monday brought on a bad case of the Mondays.  It is rainy, gloomy and overall a blah day.  I wish I was still in bed or lying on the couch cuddling with Walter watching mindless tv.  But after I finally had lunch, I mustered enough willpower to write my weekend update.  You're welcome.

Friday.  After work I ran around town eating lunch and running errands.  Then I proceeded to walk Walter around in the sweltering heat thinking the shade would help.  Nope.  Hot as shit.  But I did get to go to Nevada Wolf Pack Football 101 with some pretty amazing ladies that evening.  We ate, drank, took pictures with the hot football team, did some football practice drills, listened to the coaches, raffled off prizes, watched the live auction (that was way out of my budget) and ate way too many pieces of cake/cookies.  It was a great night and benefited the University of Nevada Football team. I can't wait for next year.
Brock Hekking - Defensive End, myself and Cody Fajardo - Amazing Quarterback
 Yummy football cookies
The cutest dog house raffle (that I didn't win, so disappointed)

Saturday.  I slept in because it was my birthday and I was allowed to.  For the record, sleeping until 8 am is sleeping in for me.  Then I proceeded to laze around, cuddle with Walter and watch some mindless tv.  My husband was still in Tahoe coming home from a bachelor party, so I had free reign of the house.  I got myself fancied up for brunch with my three best ladies.  We bruched, chatted and had an amazing couple hours.  Love those girls.  Then my husband took me shopping (he got me a gift card as one of my gifts, among so much more.  Such a lucky spoiled girl.).
One of the things I bought.  A Himalyan salt orb.  I have been dying for a lamp from this store in town and couldn't decide, but ultimately got this guy.  Gorgeous at night.  I know I am getting old because I wanted something for the house and not me.  Don't worry though, I got myself a hat, necklace, candle and lotion there too.

After shopping, we headed home to get ready for our dinner.  My husband took me to a steakhouse, per my request (girl loves her meat), and it did not disappoint.  I ate every single bite of my appetizer, entree and dessert.  I was beyond stuffed, but you never let a steak go to waste, or in your husbands tummy.
 Birthday dinner

My birthday was pretty amazing and I feel blessed beyond belief.

Sunday.  We went to the Reno Tahoe Open (RTO) golf tournament like we do every year.  It was full of heat, tons of walking and watching some golf.  It was a lot of fun, and I managed to take home a nice sunburn, but well worth the day.  Cameras weren't allowed, so I was a good girl and never took a photo.  But it was at the most beautiful golf course, so I guess it was more than fine.

Sunday night we had dinner with my in-laws for my birthday.  Another amazing birthday dinner in the books.  I could get used to the fancy food every meal.

That wraps up my birthday weekend.  Sadly, I have another 363 days until my next birthday, but I can definitely wait on turning 32.  Yikes.

How was your weekend?  Do you have a case of the Monday's?