Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Save The Date

We took engagement photos in March after picking our photographer.  Now I was a bit apprehensive as we booked her for our wedding without even doing engagement photos.  Luckily, we loved her photos she took of us.

We got our photos back 2 1/2 weeks later and were onto save the dates.  We went through our engagement photos and picked out our favorites.  There were way more then we could ever fit onto a save the date which is a good thing I guess.  After many go arounds we picked out six photos and put them into the template to see which we liked the best.  That was the easy part, compared to trying to pick out a font the fiance liked and change things around a bit.  Why fix it when it isn't broken.  We picked out everything then set out to dinner to mull things over and when we got back make sure it was just right.  Nope, fiance didn't like it as much, so after much toying, we missed out on the 25% off deadline.  Boo for me, not so much for him since he wasn't paying for them.  We went back to the original fonts (just like it should have been) and made it only one sided which was a better option.

So here are some of our engagement photos...

And last but not least, our Save The Dates...

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