Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bridal Faire and Cake Dive

I went to the local bridal fair a few weeks back.  This was supposed to be the biggest and best bridal show in the area.  Spoiler alert, it wasn't.  Don't get me wrong, it was fun and I booked my photo booth from it, but they always stated the most giveaways, freebies, cake, champagne, etc.  Well the cocktails you had to buy which the My Wedding Library bridal fair in February (where I only went as a friend of a bride) had free cocktails, cake, waffles and appetizers.  My Wedding Library's wedding fair was so much better and free.  This one you had to pay to get in.  The only giveaways they had were at some booths you could enter to win and the cake dive. 

I had never heard of the cake dive, but could guess what it entailed.  Plus the prize, free diamond earrings.  Basically, there was a dance off for the brides since there was so many of us.  We danced to "Poker Face" by Lady Gaga.  They picked four of us out of the 25 or 30 brides, and I was one of them and so was my co-worker, Jae.  They brought out a four tiered wedding cake with roses on it.  Gorgeous cake.  They told us to take our shoes and socks off and stand on the plastic.  On the count of three, they told us to tear the cake apart looking for a small plastic bag with the diamonds in it.  So much fun.  I didn't find the diamonds, but I did try like crazy.  My co-worker found them and I was super happy for her.  Now they are not very big diamonds at all, but hey they are free.

Here are two lovely photos of us diving in the cake.

Don't mind the butt shots.  As you can see we went at it and tore the cake apart in seconds.  The girl in the green shirt in the first photo was the winner.  It was so much fun.  Clean-up was another story.  We had so much cake on our feet and arms that I smelt of cake the entire day.  My puppy, Walter loved it though.

At least I have these memories from my wedding planning!

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