Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Wedding Weekend in Danville California

I can't believe I never posted about my cousin's (through marriage) wedding that Rory and I went to a few weeks ago. We left the girls with my parents for a long weekend away and it was so much fun. I thought I would recap it a bit. Just know that we had so much fun and I am still smiling from it.

We drove over to California on Friday morning. We did some shopping at the Livermore Outlets and then headed over to our hotel to get checked in and changed. The rehearsal dinner was at a bbq place and western themed. So I changed into my cowboy boots and added a flannel over my shorts and tank. There are photos, but they are on the photographers camera. Ugh.

But we ate bbq, caught up with family and then went back to the hotel. We then went out to the garden area to hang out with family for longer. And some boys drank way too much. Ha.

Saturday morning we got up, and I got ready while Rory walked over to a coffee shop for a bagel sandwich and coffee as he was one of the guys who drank too much.

Then we went to Danville and had brunch at Crumbs. I got the crab benedict with a large blood mary.


Seriously so big.

My brunch that I couldn't finish, but was so good.

We then went back to the hotel, changed and went down to the pool with the fam for a couple of hours. Then we all went back up to our rooms to get ready for the wedding. 

The wedding was about a 20 minute drive from the hotel and they provided buses for us!

Did I mention that it was in the high 80s? 

We got to the venue, went over to the beverage station and drank a ton of water. Then we took some photos on the front steps of the Chateau.

Then it was time to be seated. Since it was so hot, we grabbed seats on the left side which was the grooms side, but we were not getting up and sitting in the blazing sun in gowns, suits and tuxes.
The bride and my uncle (by marriage)

And soon enough they were married and took this photo.

While they took photos, we all went to cocktail hour. I sooo wish I captured pictures at that time as it was so beautiful and the food was amazing. So many good appetizers.

Then we sat down for dinner, speeches, and toasts. We were at the kids table which was basically all the kids of family that were over 25.

Then it was time to dance our booties off. We had the best time. They had a band who played and they were really good. Kept us all going until 10 pm. 

We then took the buses back to the hotel, changed and met downstairs again in the garden to hang out. Even the bride and groom came out. 

Sunday morning, we got up, got ready, checked out of our hotel and met up for brunch at Heavenly Bistro in Walnut Creek.

Then we made the trek home to meet up with our girls and prep for the new school year the very next day! It was such a good weekend and so much fun to be a part of their special day!


  1. What a fun time! You and Rory look fantastic... Such a beautiful couple! I love your dress.

    1. Thank you so much. I loved that dress and will be wearing it again and again!

  2. The Bloody Mary looks so good! I love that you were at the kids' table.

    1. It was soo big too. I do too. We had a blast at that table!

  3. Awwww, I love weddings! And the groom with the selfie stick was INSPIRED!! Looks like you all had a blast! -

    1. I loved that too. Normally I am not a fan of the selfie stick, but it made for a great photo!

  4. SO much fun, and your gown was gorgeous! Those large bloody mary's look delish, and the perfect way to kick off the festivities <3

    1. I get to wear that gown again for another event in a few weeks. Just going to change up the accessories. It was definitely the perfect way to kick off the festivities.

  5. What a fun weekend! You and Rory look amazing.