Monday, September 19, 2022

LTK Tarte Sale

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First off, I wanted to ask you you read blogs much anymore? I feel like engagement has been down, people are not reading blogs as much or maybe it is just mine?

I admit that sometimes when I travel, I don't get to read and comment on blogs, but I always catch up when I am back. But my page views are down, my comments are down, people are posting less and I want to get a feel for my blog going forward. So let me know, are you still reading and posting?

Anyways, the LTK sale is going on and while I don't want to just post links, I love sharing a good sale. I try to shop sales only if I can, but it doesn't always work that way. The sale goes through Tuesday, so I thought I would share Tarte today and Abercrombie tomorrow. Those are the two sales I shopped.

These are my tried and true, my favorites and items I repurchased.

Tarte Sale

TARTE IN BLOOM EYESHADOW - this is my favorite eyeshadow palette. I only use this palette anymore. I combine funny girl, rebel and firecracker for my weekend look and then replace the funny girl with charmer and flower child during the weekdays. I reordered this one.

SHAPE TAPE ULTRA CREAMY - I love this concealer. I used to use the original one and it would crease under my eyes throughout the day. The ultra creamy one does not. I get it in 29N. I also repurchased this one.

CREAMY BLUSH AND BRONZER DUO - I recently purchased this one, so I didn't repurchase, but it is an instant favorite. It goes on so smoothly, is the prettiest color combo and it stays on all day. This replaced my powdered bronzer and Stilla creamy blush that I used to use.

SEX KITTEN EYELINER - I love this eyeliner. It goes on smoothly, has a fine point, stays all day and doesn't crease in my eyelid or smudge under my eyes. I also repurchased this.

LIGHTS, CAMERA, LASHES MASCARA - I love this mascara and my Chanel one. I go back and forth between the two. I basically buy them when they are on sale and use that one up. It gives the fullest and most volume of any mascaras that I have used.

And that's it. Do you use Tarte products?


  1. It's not just you. only my closest blog friends comment on my blog these days.

  2. I don’t. Maybe i need to.

  3. I haven't been reading as much because I've been so busy, but I do still think people read - maybe just dont comment!? I love ALL my tarte products so much!

  4. In my opinion, I also see people are posting less on their blogs and I saw it even before Tiktok and IG reels became a thing. And to be honest, I believe people are spending most of their time on those platforms instead. But I hope you aren't thinking about stopping to blog. I know I am just one person but I still love reading what people have to say. So, don't stop! I love Tarte's concealer. They are amazing!

    Maureen |

  5. I do feel like blog interaction is down... which is so sad to me! I thought about getting back into routine but then like, why? ... I dont know. maybe it'll get a resurgence! .... I just started using Tarte & I LOVE their concealer & made I waited so long to try it!

  6. I don’t use Tarte. I use Laura Mercier and Nars mostly. I do still read blogs, I have about 20 in my favorites folder and like to read them in the morning before I get ready for work. What I skip usually, are things about kids. I don’t have any and am not really interested in other people’s posts about kids or their clothes or what have you. My favorite posts are about vacations, food cooked or eaten out, Friday favorites, and clothes try ons. I’ll definitely check out your anthropology post. Hope this is helpful!

  7. I just tried to comment. Not sure if it went through?

  8. You are the third blogger mention this.. I am too am sensing a major drop in comments today. Something to think about I guess.

  9. I still read blogs daily, you're one of my daily reads! I don't post myself just follow along!

  10. I still love blogs and I read every day! There's nothing like sitting down with a cup of hot tea and cozying up and reading my favorite blogs! I hate that so many people have stopped blogging, but I'm grateful for all of those who still do!