Friday, September 2, 2022

Friday Favorites and Happenings

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Happy Friday! Another week that flew by and another month that is gone. I can't believe we are into September. That means football games, everything pumpkins, cooler weather, sweater weather and so many yummy Fall drinks. Even though it is September here, it is still soooo hot. We are expected to have 100 degree temperatures this weekend. Ugh.

ONE. Do any of you struggle with buying jeans for your kids? My girls are very tall (long legs), but have very skinny waists. They still fit in some size 5 and 6 skirts and shorts. So I have a hard time getting them jeans. I recently turned to my old go-to for jeans for me when I was younger (but older) and had the same problem.

I bought the girls some Abercrombie and Fitch Jeggings. But the ones that I got have the adjustable waist inside. I had bought them the elastic waist ones, but they were still too big in the waist in a size 5/6 and too short even though I bought them a size long.

So I ordered these ones with the adjustable waist in size 7/8 long and they are so much better. Also, do you kids ask for the "hole-y" jeans? Mine love them.

A&F Kids High Rise Jeggings

Plus there is a deal right now, buy three, get three free. And that means mixing and matching everything!

TWO. With the new Hocus Pocus coming out on September 30th, I am super excited. My girls are super excited and I knew I wanted to grab a shirt for me (and now my kids want one). I saw a few out at Target and they were having a 30% off all apparel, so I grabbed the shirt below (normally $14.99). I got it in a size small and it fits perfectly. If you want it oversized, size up. But it is soft and so cute in preparation for the new movie and Halloween.

Women's Hocus Pocus Shirt

THREE. Also when I was browsing Target (at the same time), I bought the girls some new black "ballet" flats. These ones have a strap so they should stay on their feet better. My girls wear their flats to the ground and I always get them from Target. But I usually get the ones without the strap. 

The girls grew out of their black patent flats by Cat & Jack, so I grabbed these new ones. They are also by Cat & Jack, and have a thicker sole. They are normally $17.99 and have great reviews. The girls LOVE them.

Cat & Jack Slip-on Ballet Flats

FOUR. When I was in Las Vegas last week for work, I had some amazing sushi. I went to a place called Sakana which offered all you can eat sushi which is pretty rare in Vegas but common in Reno.

It is close to UNLV so it definitely caters to the younger crowd. They play loud music, but it is fun and lively in there. And it was close to my hotel. These were some of the items that I ordered and were so good.

This is the Popcorn Lobster Roll which was ok, but hard to eat since it was a sushi piece with a lobster ball on top.

The top roll was Kiss of Fire and the bottom roll was Something Wrong roll. Both were amazing.

The nigiri on the left is salmon belly with a wasabi sauce (the sauce overpowered it) and the nigiri on the right is super white tuna and it was amazing!

FIVE. Weekly funnies.

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  1. My kids never wore jeans because of sizing issues! Well, Gabbie that is. Now she can wear adult sizes though!

    1. It is too difficult. Ugh. That would be helpful if my kids fit in the adult sizes too.

  2. Olivia won't wear jeans!! Or pants at all for that matter. Sigh. It is SUCH a pain in the butt because she's so limited on what she'll wear. I pretty much only buy dresses for her to wear on the weekends during the fall and winter. During the summer she will wear shorts, but rarely. It's such a pain! Teach me your ways! Haha.

    1. My girls prefer skirts, but they do want a pair of "ripped" jeans. They will also wear dresses with leggings, but the jeans was a stretch. They wanted them because I had a pair of them and they said I looked pretty. That was the only way to make them wear jeans.

  3. Give me that sushi right now! I have been so hungry for it! happy long weekend

  4. Those jeans you got the girls are so cute. Zoe wont wear jeans. I may try again this year, but last year she wore a dress every single day with either cartwheel shorts or leggings under them depending on the weather. Kids, am I right?!

    1. My girls only recently started wearing them and that is because they saw me wearing them and they had rips in them and now they want them to be like me. My girls do the same thing as Zoe. It is normally leggings or cartwheel shorts.

  5. You bought some cute things this week! I have the same struggle with jeans and pants for my boys - if it fits at the waist it's usually too short. I always have to buy the adjustable waist ones to get a good fit! I never have to adjust the waist more than once, they always outgrow the length first, haha!

    Hope you are having a good weekend :)

    Away From The Blue

    1. Thank you. Mine always outgrow the length too. It is so difficult.

  6. The tee is cute and the sushi looks fantastic!