Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Since I wrote about my monthly Target purchases and our giveaway (enter here) yesterday, I am going to recap the weekend now. We had a great weekend other than a major meltdown from the girls Saturday evening, but you can't win them all, can you?!

Friday morning we slept in a bit and then the girls came to cuddle in our bed before we got our day started. Then it was time to pack everyone up. Nothing like waiting until last minute. Once we were all packed up, we headed out to grab coffee and then down to drop the girls off at my parents house.

We got to my parents, brought the girls in along with their stuff and Walter (our dog) and the girls were so into the new dolls they got, that my parents waved us off so the girls wouldn't even notice. We left, headed to breakfast and then up to Lake Tahoe to find a beach. There was a bunch of traffic along the way due to construction, but we decided to go to Kings Beach since we found a killer free parking spot. We spent two amazing hours there. Plus we only had towels, sunscreen, water and chairs. We didn't have to lug all the girls' stuff along.
Kings Beach CA Lake Tahoe
 Kings Beach
Kings Beach CA Lake Tahoe

We left the beach just before 2 pm to head to the house we were staying at and get ready for the wedding. We made great time, so we were able to chat for awhile and found out that my nephew went to the children's ER because he was having stomach issues. So we were all on pins and needles until later in the evening.

We got ready and it started to pour heavily outside, but the weather cleared as we got closer to the venue. We got there just in time for the ceremony to start because of traffic and it was hard to find a parking spot.

And then we watched two amazing people get married!
Aspen Grove wedding

After the ceremony, we did some family photos and then had some cocktails and appetizers. We also hit up the guest book (which was amazing and I would recommend it to my sister who is getting married next year) and took photos around the venue.
wedding photo streamers
state wedding guest book

Then it was time for speeches, first dances and food!!!
Aspen Grove wedding

We partook in the photobooth and danced the night away. We stopped briefly for cupcakes and to watch the couple cut their mini cake. Plus my best friend Stacey made all the desserts which were really good.
cupcake stand for a wedding
wedding guests
Aspen Grove wedding

I will have more photos from the wedding soon. Mainly from the photobooth as those are being emailed to us individually and we definitely took a bunch of them. The dress I wore was a hit. Plus it was comfy and so much fun to dance in.

The night ended with the best man spraying a bunch of us with champagne which wasn't the greatest, but I guess that is what happens at weddings....people drink. Ha.

We went back to the house we were staying at and crashed.

Saturday morning we were lazy. Rory made breakfast and we watched a bunch of golf. My nephew was home and he ended up having severe constipation. Just like Avery did around his age. Poor dude, but he was back to his usual self that morning.

Once he went down for a nap, we went into the hot tub to loosen our muscles after dancing the night away. Then we showered, got ready and headed to Garwoods for after wedding brunch. I had my favorite Wet Woody and some fish n chips. So good. Then we headed over to some families condo and hung out before heading down to get the girls. It was very stormy on our drive home.

We got the girls and they were in great moods until we had to drop Walter off at home. They didn't want to go home because they wanted to eat dinner, but then when we dropped Walter off, they wanted to be at home with Walter. We couldn't win. We took them to dinner and they threw mega fits. So much so that we had to get our food to go instead of eating there which upset them even more. We ate dinner at home, cuddled for a bit before putting them to bed. Then we settled in for two episodes of The Sinner. Have you been watching it? So good, but graphic at times.

Sunday we got up and Rory went out for muffins and coffee while I played with the girls outside.
twin toddlers
twin toddlers

Then I got ready and headed to brunch with Stacey since it has been forever. Or it feels like it. We chatted, ate amazing breakfast and had a mimosa. It was the perfect mid morning.

I got home and the girls were napping, so I watched The Bold Type and did some laundry. The girls woke up after almost a two hour nap and we headed to Target for new blankets. Rory was at an appointment, and the girls were soooo good for me while we were out.

We got home, unloaded everything and then Rory came home. I headed out to the grocery store and then his parents came to visit the girls for a bit. I started dinner, stuffed peppers and then prepped dinner for Monday night (the crockpot dish Lindsay talked about last week). Then I made the girls dinner and changed all their bedding in their room while they ate. Then we gave the girls baths, ate our dinner (which they ate some too) and then we put them down for bed around 7:30. Rory took Walter for a walk and then we watched the second episode of  Bachelor in Paradise.

We called it a night and then the girls woke up at 12:30 because Walter heard an animal outside. Ugh. Rory ended up sleeping in their room on the floor for an hour until they fell back asleep. Needless to say, we didn't get much sleep Sunday night. Ugh.

But overall it was a great weekend.

How was your weekend?


  1. Wow, it sounds like a busy but fun weekend! Doesn't it feel so weird to go somewhere without 25 lbs of kid stuff? You have that constant feeling like you're missing something haha. Hope you got more sleep last night!

  2. My goodness did you guys have a busy weekend. Sounds like it was a great time though. The wedding looked beautiful. Bummer about Walter barking and waking the girls up. Our dog does that and it drives me nuts.

  3. What a fun weekend! Yay for alone time at the beach!! The wedding sounded so fun and that dress looked gorgeous on you. Ughh sorry about the no sleep on Sunday, probably the worst night to get no sleep!

  4. Hope your nephew is feeling better! Despite the no sleep Sunday night and tantrums, the weekend sounds amazing! Your dress is so pretty and all the wedding festivities sound so fun!

  5. What a beautiful wedding! And those two little dolls are adorable!

  6. I love outdoor weddings! So fun...
    & I love all the cool ways that people do guest books now.
    I so love that dress on you!!
    Love the color of the bridesmaids dresses too. Looks like a lovely wedding all around!
    Dang President interrupting Bachelor in Paradise last night ;) haha

  7. The beach sounds like a dream about right now! Glad you guys got to spend 2 enjoyable hours there. Looks like a beautiful wedding and I adore your dress. Glad to hear your nephew is okay! Love the pictures of the girls. They are adorable! And I remember those fits at restaurants. We avoided sit down restaurants for like a year because it was so hard with Mase! It gets better!

  8. You looked so beautiful in that dress! I love the style... so flattering!

  9. I agree with Lindsay - love that dress on you!

  10. Love love that dress on you! You looked gorgeous in it. What a wonderful weekend!!

  11. What a beautiful wedding and the dress looked amazing!!!!

  12. I think I'm wore plum out after your weekend! It sounds like a super fun one minus the mega fits. Though I think I'd have to vacate on Monday to recoup! Haha. Love the dress. You look beautiful!