Thursday, August 3, 2017

Thoughts on Thursday

Hey, look. I am actually here for a round of thoughts on Thursday and some confessions. I got my act together and blogged yesterday....on my birthday. That is effort there. Ha.

I hope you join me this week. Write some thoughts, confessions or both and come back to link up.


- Thank you all for the outpouring love for my birthday. I love this blogging community and how everyone makes you feel so special. THANK YOU!

- I spent the better part of yesterday researching the new iPhone. Should I have been working? Yep, but I am so excited about the new iPhone. Well, except that they might only put out a small amount at first and then another shipment in early 2018. Ugh. And it might cost around $1,000. Dang. But I am sure I will get one because I need a new phone, I need a better camera and love new technology.

I was just talking to my bosses about Apple, technology and how I am sucked into it all. I don't own anything but apple products. I am so used to their products, like how they work and just can't change. #appleforlife

- My girls start their new daycare/preschool on Monday. Where has the time gone? We have been trying to prep them for school again, but I know they have enjoyed their summer with grandparents. Hopefully, we have a smooth-ish transition.


- I was sad that I didn't get to take yesterday off for my birthday, but I didn't want to take it off and watch the girls all day. I love my girls, but my birthday should be spent on me. So in a few weeks when they are back in daycare/preschool, I will take a day off to do Danielle things. You know binge some Netflix, get my nails done, have a lunch to myself without sharing and all the good stuff. Hey maybe I can sleep in too!

- I was very into blogging at the beginning of the summer and then everyone else wasn't, so I took part in the kick back schedule and now it is hard to ramp back up again. I am posting 5 days this week and it has been quite awhile since I did that.

- Blogging is hard, but the community of friends I have gained has made it so worth it. I have thought about quitting many times, but then I would miss my friends. I would miss catching up and writing in this little space of mine.


  1. I'm so into apple too...i hate that the new iPhone is rumored to be upward of $1000+ ugh. I'm with you on blogging, I took a step back and now I can't seem to get back into it. way to go on 5 days this week! I hope you had the very best birthday, I"m so thankful for YOU!

  2. I love my iPhone! I am not planning on getting the NEW one, but am trying to hold out for that launch because I want the 7 Plus and am anticipating once there is a newer model those prices will drop. Haha, I am cheap! I am sorry I missed wishing you a happy birthday yesterday-I hope it was so wonderful!
    The blogging slump this summer has been SO real-I feel like in the few years since I started this is the most I have seen a lot of ladies step back. But sometimes it is just needed, and time with family and enjoying real life is more important! But I love this community too-such amazing and supportive friends!

  3. I wish I could afford a new iphone. I don't see myself switching away from the iphone either though!

  4. I think it's great that you want your birthday to be for YOU! That's how it should be.

  5. I am always amazed at how people take off blogging for the summer. I know if I did that, I'd have that same problem, getting back in the game. Plus, I dont get a 'summer break' anyways so my life is just always the same year round ;)
    My brother is that way with apple products. I think my ipod is the only apple thing I have :) haha &now I use my phone for Spotify more than that now.

  6. I love my iPhone, too! As long as Apple is making it then I won't ever be using any other brand of phone! I really want to ditch my PC and get an Apple computer, too!

  7. I say yes to that day off when they are back in school. A day off with them around is not truly a day off! I have an old iPhone and want a new one so bad since mine is so small but what happened to free or $99 phones, dammit! I am an apple only girl, Macbook, iPad and iPhone! I really want the watch!

  8. I'm such a bad blogging friend :( I'm so sorry I missed your birthday. Happy belated and I hope you had a great one <3
    Beautifully Candid

  9. Oh I need to know more details about the new iPhone. It's time for my upgrade, but I know they don't really do that anymore, ugh, I'm always so confused. Any cool new features on the new version? Glad you had an awesome Birthday. Can't wait to hear more!

  10. I seriously take Trista days all the time! You need some me time! To watch tv uninterrupted, to binge on food they're not allowed to eat, even clean and sold laundry without it all wind destroyed in 30 seconds or less! And I have been wondering about the new iPhone... that snazzy huh? I know I want that camera. It so good! Hope you have a great weekend!

  11. Wow, the girls start tomorrow?! I feel like just yesterday you told us about that whole situation! I hope they have a great first day!! And I totally know what you mean about blogging, but I hope you don't stop, I would miss you!! xo

    1. It went ok. They cried a lot, but each day gets easier. Drop offs are hard on them though. I am not stopping anytime soon!!!