Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Puerto Vallarta Mexico Vacation Days 1 and 2

It's time to recap our family trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The good, bad and ugly. Yes, we experienced it all.

We left on St. Patrick's Day which meant free drinks on Southwest. We didn't partake in one on our flight from Reno to Oakland, but others did. Though we did enjoy drinks on our flight from Oakland to PV. The girls were relatively good on the plane. They love taking off and landing. They also love getting snacks on the plane. We only had a few meltdowns which were quieted down quickly and so many nice passengers next to us that assured us they were great.
traveling on a plane with toddlers
Rory sat next to the girls on all flights. I tried to, but Avery just wasn't having it. She only wanted her daddy.

We arrived in PV and headed out to Customs which was a short line since we made it in when no other flights did. We got through that quickly, headed over to grab our bags and then waited in a semi-long line to have your bags checked at random. Good news is we made it through without getting checked. Then we headed outside to the sweltering heat (we were all in pants) to catch a cab.

It was crazy outside. The time we went is when the last sets of Spring Breakers are coming in, so there were a lot of people out there. You have to ask around because the cab companies want to up charge you big time. But we found a good priced cab, packed in and headed to the Zona Romantica where our condo is located.

My in-laws met us upstairs and took the girls inside so we could unpack and get settled in. Our condo is a two bedroom, two bath with a full kitchen. My in-laws are sweet enough to give us the master bedroom and bath so we can accommodate two pack n plays. We got everything set up, changed our clothes and had a beer on the deck to watch the ocean roll in.
toddlers in Mexico
Puerto Vallarta Mexico Zona Romantica
 Our view
Modelo Especial in Mexico

We caught up on our day, how the flights went and what we were to have to eat that evening. My in-laws said they would feed the girls and put them to bed if we wanted to head out to dinner since it was our first evening in. We gladly accepted.

We headed off to Jorge's Hideaway Shrimp Shack. You may remember that we went there last year and it was really good. So we went again and it did not disappoint. This time I started off with their salad that had avocado, jicama, grapefruit, nuts, other goodies and a balsamic vinaigrette. I also had a blackberry margarita with real chunks of blackberries in it. Then I had their shrimp diablo in a pineapple. This dish is heaven. It comes with a red rice that compliments the dish perfectly. It is spicy, sweet and has so much flavor to it.
Blackberry margarita
Jorge's Hideaway Shrimp Shack shrimp diablo in a pineapple

After dinner, we walked around since we were stuffed. But not too stuffed for gelato. We grabbed a scoop each and walked the Melacon (boardwalk) before calling it a night.

Now sleep was an issue for the first few days in Mexico. Avery was still under the weather from her ear infection and was a bit grumpy. She would call out for her daddy often while she slept and it caused us to bring her in our bed more than one night.

Saturday morning we got up bright and early and headed to Coco's Kitchen for their yummy breakfast. I had their Puerto Vallarta omelet which had bacon, onions and avocado with hash browns and fresh fruit. I also had coffee and fresh squeezed oj. The girls had pancakes while everyone else had an assortment of pancakes, omelets and eggs benedict. Plus everyone enjoyed a different fresh squeezed juice.

After breakfast we walked around the farmer's market and bought the girls two dresses and handmade bird coat hooks. We also picked up a few items and then headed back to the condo since it was warming up. We put the girls down for an early nap and I headed out to grab iced coffees for everyone. We used naptime to catch up on social media and read my book.

After naptime, we contemplated what to do while Avery and I took selfies.
mommy and me photos

Taking a walk won, so we headed out to walk the Melacon with the girls.
Big Truck toddler models
Big Truck toddler models
(yes we are trying to break the paci habit)

After our walk, we got ready to head up to the rooftop pool. Our condo has a salt water pool that is heated and so nice. We brought the girls floaties up, but they didn't care for them the first time.
Target toddler swimwear in Mexico
 Swimsuits are from Target
Target toddler swimwear in Mexico
Shoes: Native

We swam for about an hour before heading down and getting ready for the evening. We fed the girls some mac n cheese from a local market (this stuff was made daily, heaven and sold out fast). Then we headed out for Pancho's Takos. This is another place we went to last year and it never disappoints. You can get so much food for about $15, including tip. That is what we spent. Rory and I ate there and brought back tacos for my in-laws.

We started off with the guacamole because it is heaven. They serve everything with their three salsa and a mixture of jicama, mango, onions, habanero in a vinegar of some sorts. We would mix it all together on our chips to make some amazing combos.
Pancho's Takos
 This is spicy, so we could not read the habanero and just let it flavor everything.
Pancho's Takos salsa
They were all good and different levels of spice, but the bottom left was my favorite.

Then it was time for the main attraction. The al pastor tacos. They make their meat on a spicet and it just cooks while you watch. It is so much fun to watch the guy spin and cut the meat off and make soooo many tacos. They add a little slice of pineapple that sits at top of the spicet. These tacos are heaven and if I could eat 10 of them, I would, but I can't. I had two and a half. Ha.
Pancho's Takos al pastor
Pancho's Takos al pastor tacos

After dinner, we dropped off the tacos to my in-laws and headed back out to get some drinks at Joe Jack's Fish Shack and watch some of the tournament.
Puerto Vallarta Sunset
Joe Jack's Martini
Pineapple Mescal Martini
Joe Jack's bar
Joe Jack's bar
My handsome husband

After a couple rounds of drinks, great conversation and some tournament watching, we walked back to the condo to read some and head to bed.

And that ends day 2 of our PV vacation. Stay tuned for more.


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