Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Last week, Jennifer (from Jenuine Happiness) wrote a post about her 10 Favorites from 2016. I thought it was awesome to look through and even got some recommendations from it (recipe, books to read and a movie to watch). I decided to give you my favorites of 2016.

ONE. Movie. I am not going to lie. I had to google movies that came out in 2016. We rarely make it out to the movies and we sometimes rent movies from Red Box. I saw 13 Hours while I was in Israel and it was really good. It is very serious, but it was done so well. As for funny movies, my favorites were Deadpool and Bad Moms.
13 Hours

TWO. Book. I loved Me Before You. I read it before I saw the movie and of course the book was so much better.
Me Before You

THREE. Recipe. My favorite go to recipe would be the Spicy Tomato Cream Pasta I shared with you all in December. I make this at least once or twice a month. It is simple, delicious and it is vegetarian. A close second was Chrissy Teigan's Vegetable Tortilla Stew. Even though I shared it with you all in 2017, we tried it in 2016 and it has been a favorite ever since.

FOUR. TV Show. Easy. This is Us. This show sucked me in the first episode and I love it. I look forward to watching Jack each week and seeing how the story progresses. I love the characters and cry at almost every episode. Also, not a new show, but we LOVE Parenthood on Netflix. We are breezing through the episodes and I love the cast.

FIVE. Treat. This is hard to just pick one treat since treat can me something yummy like a dessert or treat yourself as in get something for yourself. Treat food wise I would say the caramel budino from a local Italian restaurant. I can't go to this place and not eat one. It is a chocolate cookie crumble on bottom with a vanilla pudding, salted caramel and whipped cream. HEAVEN.

Treat yourself wise and that is easily a massage. I love getting a hour and a half massage.

SIX. Song. This is a toss up of Twenty One Pilots - Stressed Out (love running to this song) and The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey - Closer. 

SEVEN. Trip. Going to Mexico last year. It was a special trip in that it was the girls' first time on an airplane and first time out of the country. But it was also special because we celebrated Rory's great aunt since she passed a few days before we got there. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico holds a special place in my heart and is one of my favorite places I have been too. You can get my last year's recap here and here.
twins in mexico

EIGHT. Toy. When you have kids you have toys upon toys. Seriously, we have a huge toy box in our living room plus their room is full of toys. But I would say my favorite toy that the girls used last year was their vintage Kidkraft Kitchen. The girls love this kitchen. And now one of their favorite things to say is, "I'm cookin". They love to mimic me and we cook in their kitchen together.
Kidkraft vintage kitchen

NINE. Seasonal Activity. Winter: Snowboarding, Christmas tree cutting and playing in the snow with the girls. Spring: Easter Sunday with family. Summer: Summer days at Lake Tahoe, weekend trips to Graeagle. Fall: Apple Hill, football games.

TEN. Picture. It was really hard to pick just one photo, but I really love the photo we used on our Christmas card.
Christmas Photo

What were your favorites?


  1. I loved this idea too when Jen did it last week. We will have to look for 13 Hours. It sounds like a movie Drew will like. I've seen that kitchen so many places and have thought about getting it so many times, but we already havea a kitchen, so I know I'll get in trouble if I do. Ha ha!

  2. I love that photo you guys used for your christmas card too! And Me Before You is definitely an awesome read. I'll have to try that pasta once I don't have gestational diabetes anymore or my sugars will go bananas haha

  3. That pasta look delicious! And This is Us - what a show. I can't wait to see how it progresses!

  4. That pasta looks so good! I may have to try it! Love the family picture you used for your card!

  5. Yay love that you did this! Made me smile. I need to try that pasta. I've been slacking on trying new recipes this year. Also I love how you share your real experiences with your cook book meals! It's nice to know what making the meal is really like. I've never seen 13 hours, so I need to add that one to our list. I bet our library would have it! Hooray for your countdown to Mexico!

  6. Some great favorites here! Totally agree on the TV shows!

  7. What a fun post idea! I still have Me Before You on my to read list! I just read your Mexico recaps, what a fun trip!! Are you going to the same place this year?

  8. That pasta looks AMAZING and I love the family photo, so sweet :)

  9. I loved Me Before You the movie so I have to read the book!

    1. Yes you should. It is even better than the movie. Plus the movie left out a lot of parts, so you will read some new stuff too.

  10. This entire post is a bug fat YES! I adore that show (cry every single week) that recipe looks delish, I loved that book WAY more than the movie and I've been jamming out to closer as well - so catchy!

  11. That's great when you have more than one pic you love from a session.
    Me Before You... yes! The book so wins - but I did enjoy the movie.
    Havent seen that movie - but YUM - look at what coming out of the Office does to Jim!!!!

  12. I don't know if I have been so instantly hooked on a show as I was on 'This Is Us'. It is just SO good! Okay my favorite coffee drink at our Caribou Coffee is a salted caramel boudino, and it is AMAZING. I can only imagine what the actually dessert tastes like-YUM!

  13. Deadpool is such a funny movie, I was unsure what to expect at first but now I watch it all the time.

  14. I am completely hooked on This is Us and was so disappointed when it wasn't on last night :/ That kitchen set is so cute and the picture you picked for your Christmas card is perfect! What a fun post. Beautifully Candid

  15. Me Before You was such a great book. I have to see the movie but I figured it wouldn't be as good as the movie. I love love This is Us, one of the best shows in a very long time!

  16. I still haven't watched the episode of This is us, I need to get on it! I have me before you on my bookshelf and need to get to it. Deadpool was so funny for sure!

  17. Me Before You was my favorite book last year as well! And your two favorite songs from last year were totally my kids' favorite songs as well!! They loved both of those!

    And yes, This is Us. I'm am completely and utterly OBSESSED. I haven't seen a show this good in a while. It somewhat fills the void where Parenthood used to be.

  18. this is us is my jam right now..i look so forward to it weekly!! that spicy spaghetti looks awesome, its on my list of things to try! This was a fun post to read, I may have to do this next week!

  19. Aw, fun post! I loved the book Me Before You - I really loved the movie too, but books are almost always better. ;)

    And Deadpool and Bad Moms were definitely some great humorous films.